Why does God send us on earth, if he calls us back in a few days, months or years??

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Why does God send us on earth, if he calls us back in a few days, months or years??

This question has been bothering me for a long time now. There have been so many instances where I have heard about people crossing over to the other side at an early age or when no one expected to.
'He was such a pure soul, why did god do this to him?', 'She never did anything bad for anyone, and god has called her so early.' , 'God calls the good souls early' We have heard these statements so many times. But this started bothering me a lot more recently when I lost a very good friend of mine.

This question kept pinching me again and again . Why?? Why did this happen??
When I was immersed into my pain and my thoughts another close friend of mine suggested me a book : The Laws of the Spirit World  by Khorshed Bhavnagri.

This book gives a unique explanation on afterlife . I do not know how much of it is true and how can someone possibly know all this , but all I can say is that this book gave me a possible answer for the question that had been in my mind since years.

The afterlife has 7 realms or stages from hell to heaven the 4th stage being a neutral stage where a soul starts its journey. Each soul is divided into 2 when it is born.They are the soulmates. The ultimate aim of each soul is to cross these stages and get upgraded to the 7th stage and unite with their soulmate . They can cross the 7th stage to unite with the light of the almighty only when they are together.

We can choose to stay in the afterlife and upgrade our stage through prayers but they say that our growth is much accelerated when we are on the earth. Our degradation or up gradation depends on our Karma and our earthly karma has more weight-age than our karma in the afterlife. We come down to earth and do good deeds to upgrade our stages in afterlife. But we may also risk to slipping down on lower stages if we lose our path and start doing negative deeds.

When we choose to come to earth we have to select 3 dates for our death . We need to do our job on the earth before the 3rd date or we will be called upon even when our job is incomplete. The action on the previous two dates are taken on circumstances where either the job is over early or the soul loses its path and has gone down the path of degradation. To save the soul it is called back . It is the duty of the soulmate to guide the soul on earth and keep them on the right path.

It made me understand that it's not God who chooses our time of death . We choose it ourselves for the betterment of our soul in the longer journey .

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