Apna Time Aayega - Gully Boy - This is not just a review

I would like to start by saying Oh My God!!!

Zoya Akhtar , You never fail to amaze me and Ranveer Singh I don’t have words for you .From Bittu To Ram To Bajirao To Khilji To Muraad  what a journey.

Gully Boy released on 14th Feb is not a romantic tale ( for a change ) but definitely not devoid of love. It is more about passion, dreams and struggle. It is the harsh reality of the society where people think ‘sapne apni aukaat ke hisaab se dekhna chaiye.’ It is the harsh reality of people who have thought their whole life that since they have been servants their children will be servants too, thinking they have been doing it right and their children haven't seen the world . Such a pleasure to see a gully boy breaking all the barriers saying,

‘Main apne sapne nahi badlega ki wo meri sachchai se mel khaye, Main apni sachchai badlega ki wo mere sapne se mel khaye’. 

And a huge applause was heard in the theatres.

This is not the only issue taken up in the movie but in a subtle way with least screen time many issues like the obsession with fairness, the polygamy , respecting everyone irrespective of the jobs they do, girl education and many more issues have been highlighted in the movie.

This is the journey of Muraad(Ranveer), a writer to discovering the Gully Boy , a rapper in himself . Where people keep reminding him who he is and from where he comes but he chooses not to say anything but to shine through his talent. ‘Koi dusra mereko batayega ki main kaun hai’. This is the journey of a boy to discovering himself.

The love story between Muraad and Safeena(Alia) is sweet taste in so much of struggle, where the connection between them has been wordlessly explained with such beauty in the first scene itself.

But a character and actor that stood out was MC Sher(Sidhhant). An unknown face has left his mark on one of the best movies of this year, and he seems to be a very promising actor. A character that celebrates for his friend even when he lost the battle.

Rightly said in the beginning of the movie Rap is not ‘See my car, look at my shoes and this is vodka’ Rap has to have content, a story, a passion, and expression. This is the first time ever that I see Rap as an art form. I never expected I would love rap. Hats off to Ranveer and to the team who wrote it down and to all other singer who sang their parts. It gave me inspiration that if I work hard one day , 

‘Ye Shabdo ka Jwala , Meri Bediya Pighlayega. Apna Time Aayega’

We have been reading so many books just because they are written by famous authors though the content has gone down the well, we have been watching so many movies and raising the box office collection just because they star famous actors though there is nothing to be learnt (and sometimes not even commonsense) in those movies, we have been listening to so many songs just because there are some beats and some hot chicks and bad words in it (which we think is cool) and no meaning at all. We have been following blindly the crowd without knowing who began to walk in this direction. Stop watching or listening anything and everything that is made.The time has come when we should stop wasting time and search for content, admire talent and respect art.  

This movie is highlighting the new king of the market – CONTENT.

The movie is an inspiration to many like me who are nowhere in the field where they want to be . It is a reminder to all that if you can dream it you can achieve it and that there is no substitute to hard work.


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  1. Very Nice one. Loved reading your review.

  2. I love how your blog is growing from a personal tale to reflections that are more connected with the reality encompassing you.
    Yes, loved your personal take on the film. Indeed, it was more than just a review :)
    Keep up the wonderful work you're doing!


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