Happy Promise Day - an incomplete story .

Below them was the gushing river and above was the calm sky, In between stayed a strong sensation, the emotion, the vibration, the connection. Sitting on the huge chunk of rock with their legs dangling down in the river, they held each other’s hands so passionately. They said nothing but even the unsaid was known. There was only love and pure love flowing through their minds and bodies. She looked up to him and he kissed her forehead. In that one moment, she felt as everything stopped and she had the world.

But nothing can last forever and she knew this moment is going to pass too. She knew she had to leave so that he can live in peace and this was the last time they were holding each other. The thought gave her shivers and she hugged him so tight, he felt as if the world came crashing down. He could never imagine a future without her be he knew it had to be done. For the sake of her better future he had to leave but in this one moment he was living his whole life.

Walking back from the river they did not let go of each other even for a moment. But this journey had to end. The hands were meant to be separated. He promised he would never contact her and that he will move on with his life. She promised she would never cry for him and would forget him for good. They promised they would never see each other and never try to be together again.
They did not realize it then …


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