Where Did My Time Go?

Today I feel so proud of myself that I snoozed my alarm only 3 times . The fourth time it rang I was up. It was 7.30 a.m. I got up rubbed my eyes, stretched my body a little and picked up my phone. 

There were 148 unread messages on Whatsapp , several notifications on Facebook and Instagram. I opened my Whatsapp first . Most of the messages were from the various groups that I am in and a few important ones from friends. After responding to the important messages I went through the forwards. A few comedy videos , a few motivational videos , a few quotes and a few jokes. 

After this I opened up Facebook and scrolled through the wall , checked my notifications and then was the turn for Instagram to be checked. I uploaded a morning selfie after clicking almost 20 pics and after tonnes of filters.

Now was the time for workout , but I had to meet someone at 10 and I had no time for it. I thought I ll skip my workout for today(again) and went to have bath as it was already 9.15. The breakfast as usual on the run.

The meeting was over at 11.30 and I had to travel to the other corner of the city after that for some  work. The travel time was 1.5 hrs . I took the metro and luckily there was a seat available.

The book lay quietly in my bag while a surfed some videos on Youtube from FilterCopy, Girliyappa, SIT etc etc. In no time I felt my destination was here. 

At 5 I was returning back home and the rush in the metro was too much to do anything . I could just put on my earphone and listen to my favorite playlist. As soon as I came out of the Metro Station my best friend called me. I talked to her on my way back home and brought some vegetables on route for my food. The conversation continued for more than an hour after which I went to freshen up . 

At 8 pm I was in no mood to cook dinner by myself so I decided to order a pizza. While watching another Webseries I had my pizza and after 4 episodes I felt asleep . The TO-DO list was staring at me from the surface of my cupboard but I had such a busy day I just could not complete the tasks.

Though I am still wondering "Where did my time go?"

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