Side Effects Of Technology

That’s how our lives have become in today’s world. It is not just about Facebook reminding you of special days but the whole internet and gadgets ‘Chakravyuh’ that’s impacting your memory.

When there used to be landline phones only and we used to write all the numbers in a telephone diary, we used to dial the number each time and after a few times we did not need the diary. Our brains memorized the number. I still remember the landline numbers of all my school friends until cellphone entered out lives. It’s definitely more convenient, its less hassle, but ask yourself how many telephone numbers do you remember? If one day you are stuck somewhere with no cellphone network and only an old landline number how many people will you be able to reach? Probably you’ll only reach the numbers that you purposely memorized for this very situation.

Think of times when we managed a birthday or anniversary calendar. When we used to see these calendars and remember the birthdays. Most of us remembered a lot of them and planned for the special ones ahead of time. Today I got up and saw on Facebook , it was a very close friend’s birthday , but the tragedy is we became friends after Facebook entered our lives. I never remembered her birthday. Every time Facebook would remind me and I can just relax. The brain doesn’t memorize anything now.

Think how much you use google maps even for the places where you have been to. Because you are just watching the map and your GPS positioning. You are not looking around to remember the route. You know you can again use the map tomorrow when you come here. You don’t remember the routes unless it falls on your daily route and you have traveled there several times. I don’t remember the place I had been to thrice in the same month last year but I still remember clearly the roads that I had traveled near my nani’s place even though I haven’t been there since 14 years.

Allow me to explain it to you through a story. There were two neighbors. One was a young guy of around 20 years and the other was a man of 60 years. They both planted a tree in their backyard. The young guy bought the best manure and gave ample water to the tree. He took great care of it and eventually his tree grew out to be really large and beautiful. His neighbor however only gave the minimum required water and manure for the tree to keep it alive. His tree wasn’t very large or beautiful. It was as average as any other tree in the neighborhood. Every person who passed by always complimented the young guy’s tree and this made him really happy.

One morning after a stormy night when the young man came out of the house he saw his tree had fallen down while the old man’s tree was still intact. He could not understand what had happened. The old man then explained- “You gave your tree everything to the best of your ability and hence it grew to be big and beautiful on the outside but on the inside it stayed weak because it did not work for itself. My tree on the other hand only got enough to stay alive and had to search for the rest in the journey of its growth. Thus the roots went deeper and become stronger though on the outside it did not grow too large. The roots of your tree on the other hand never worked to go deep and thus were uprooted by the storm.”

Human mind has the same working process. Technology is a great aid to our generation and there is no doubt about that but isn’t it also taking away a lot from us?

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  1. Great article. Great topic "MOVE". Really, it's sound interesting.

    My best wishes for MOVE to have a Grand Success in its motive.


  2. Replies
    1. Yeah it is. And the saddest part is we are at such stage that we need the help of technology to spread awareness about its harmful effects. That is how our lives have become.


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