This Valentine's Don't Shower Your Partner With Gifts

The alarm rang at 6.30 am. I got up and switched it off before it could wake my spouse. Yesterday was a very tiring day for my partner and hence it occurred to me that probably a little more sleep would help. I got up and realized that the weather was chilling. Getting out of that blanket was probably the most heroic act and I had to do it. I somehow managed to get up and grabbed the thermal wear and ran straight into the washroom to switch the geyser on.

 In 15 minutes I had brushed my teeth and had my bath. Coming out of the washroom I looked towards the bed, the love of my life was sleeping so peacefully. I went into the kitchen and the realization struck the dishes from yesterday night weren’t washed yet and the kitchen was also quite dirty. I washed the dishes and side by side the tea was getting ready.

Once I was done with the dishes I realized that there was no time to make a proper breakfast. I searched the whole cupboard and arranged 5 different types of dry snacks in a tray. With the tea and the snacks, I went back into the room, kept the tray down and sat on the bed again.

There she was sleeping so peacefully with a serene smile on her face. A moment away from all the stress and problems. My wife looked so calm and so happy.

I kissed her forehead and said good morning. She replied with her eyes still closed “HMMM”. She opened her eyes slightly to see I was fully dressed up for work and she freaked out.

“Oh god! I am so late; why didn’t you wake me up earlier? It’s so late I need to make the tea and breakfast for you. You’ll probably get late for work. I am so sorry I didn’t even realize when the alarm went off.” And she suddenly stopped when her eyes fell on the tray. She looked at me with a surprise and I said with a smile trying to calm her down, “no one will get late, go and brush your teeth.”

She came back on the breakfast table with a smile so serene. She kept smiling and looking at me the entire time. Whenever I looked up she would just keep staring into my eyes and keep smiling.

When we were done with the breakfast and I was ready to leave she held my hand and kissed me deeply. She looked into my eyes running her hand through my hair and after almost a month she said to me again “I Love You”. I hadn’t seen her so happy in a very long time.

It was then that I realized that she didn’t need those fancy dates, she didn’t need expensive gifts, she didn’t need a movie night, she didn’t need a long drive, all she needs is a little attention, a little more time, a loving gesture showing – 


And a beautiful day began.

Inspired by a true story.

Wishing all of you a great Valentine's Week.

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