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Lagom is a Swedish philosophy of life which means 'not more, not less, but just the right amount'. Having Lagom in life helps you eliminate unnecessary clutter and find clarity and serenity. It helps you to live in the moment and enjoy the abundance that life provides you.

Read here to understand better the concept of Lagom: Lagom - The Swedish Way To Live A Balanced Life

Take the 21 Day Lagom Challenge which will help you focus on various aspects of your life - physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and financial. This will give you a quick start towards a better and well-balanced life.

Day 1: Go for a 30-minute walk, in a park or anywhere with trees and lots of greenery.

Day 2: Declutter Your Room. Don't keep unnecessary stuff in front of your eyes. Have space that is easy to breathe in.

Day 3: Take breaks in between work to relax and sip a beverage of your choice.

Day 4: Help someone in need. Give something or some time for charity.

Day 5: Clear your bookshelf and give away the books you don't need.

Day 6: Have a no screens evening. Alone or with your loved ones.

Day 7: Clean out your wardrobe. Throw out those single socks or single earrings. Set aside anything that you haven't used in the past 6 months. Except for seasonal clothing. 

Day 8: List down your expenses for this month and review them. Plan out a monthly budget.

Day 9: Write down 10 best qualities in you and why you love yourself.

Day 10: For one day speak only as much is required. No extra explanations no extra stories.

Day 11: Have a Dance workout or Yoga for 30 minutes

Day 12: Go without spending any money for the whole day. 

Day 13: Do not multitask. Focus on each moment and so one thing at a time.

Day 14: Make a Gratitude Journal

Day 15: Connect with friends and family. Call them up for a movie or a game night at home. Add snacks and popcorn.

Day 16: Try meditation for 30 minutes.

Day 17: Eat only homemade food for a day. No packaged food, No take-outs, No dine-out, No alcohol.

Day 18: Write down your REAL DREAM. Not what the world has made you believe to be your dream, but your dream.

Day 19: Set up goals. Make a routine for yourself that would allow you to strike a balance between work and living. 

Day 20: Turn off a toxic relationship and say 'No' to things you don't want.

Day 21: Treat Yourself.

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