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I think the 20s are the hardest part of your life. You leave your college and comfort zone and step into the unknown. At this point in time, most of us don't know our journey. We see our friends and cousins getting a job, getting engaged or married, going on holidays and spending lavishly. Thanks to social media, but everyone's life except ours is fantastic. In this age, we worry the most about our appearance, about what others think of us, about being at par with the so-called social circle.

This is the time when we suddenly realize " Bahut mazak ho gaya , ab kuchh kar ke dikhana hai" 

The 20s set the path for the rest of our lives. I strictly don't believe that if you haven't done anything in your twenties you will never be successful but what I highly believe is these can be the most productive years of your life that can make the rest of your life a little easier.

Reasons why the 20s can be the most productive years of your life:

  • You have good physical health
  • You are high on energy
  • You are the most flexible both physically and mentally.
  • You can make your own decisions and only for yourself.
  • You do not have the responsibility of a spouse or kids.
  • You have the luxury to experiment and try new things
I have very efficiently wasted my early 20s and its good that I realized it in my late 20s. Before I enter my 30s I want to make sure that I am not doing any of the following mistakes anymore and also send out the lesson to all those in the next generation.

1. Thinking Education Is Enough: One of the biggest mistakes that we make is trying to get to a good university and believe we will get out with a good package and life will be settled. That is just not going to happen. Graduating from a good university is a bonus but what will get you the job is your knowledge and your hard work.

2. Neglecting Your Health: Since your body is high in energy and you do not get tired easily, your health is in its prime and thus you take your body for granted. Leaving the dangerous habits of drinking and smoking becomes more important now. You will start to realize that you cannot party the way you used to in college or high school. The junk food and unhealthy diet have to take a back seat too. Having a good night sleep will become more important now.

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3. Money is Happiness: In the 20s we have a strong belief that if we are rich enough we will be happy. All happiness depends on how much we can own. A new phone, branded clothes, super cool gadgets, cars, and a luxurious house. Life would be like a vacation. Nope. That's just not true. Money is not equal to happiness and the sooner you realize this, the better it is. Prestige and a fat paycheck can make you happy for a few years but if you have settled for anything less than what fuels your passion, the happiness isn't going to stay for long.

4. You Think Of Yourself As What Others Think Of You:  The 20s is the age when we are most concerned to fit in. We evaluate ourselves as others evaluate us and we think that we are only what others think we are. Our confidence isn't internal and we have an external locus of control. This also takes a toll on our self-esteem if we do not fit into a certain group. What we need to understand is that every person is different and unique in there own way. You don't have to be like someone you just have to be you.

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5. Impatience: You want everything to happen now and if it doesn't you get hyper or lose interest in it. You want to start a youtube channel and after 4 published videos you want 1000 subscribers but that is not going to happen. You don't need to do it all this year and there is no time limit to be successful. Everything takes time, whether its work or relationship. Have faith and have patience. Live in the present and enjoy it. Things will work out at the right time.
6. Expecting To Find A Soulmate: Each one of us has fantasized at some point in our life to find a soulmate. A relationship where even the unsaid is heard and the relationship is so effortless that everything just clicks. I am sorry to break the bubble but that is not going to happen. The most meaningful and relationships with lifetime duration requires effort and a lot of work. There have to compromises, understanding,  trust, respect and all of these would take time and effort.

7. Expecting All Friendships Will Last: The 20s is the best time for friendships and having fun with them. Most of us plan a future where all of us would stay together and hang out together even when we grow old. But this is the time to realize that not all friendships are going to last. Priorities will change relations will change. Stop expecting everything to remain the same and embrace the new dynamics of your friendships. It may happen that you would not meet so frequently,  but if you understand the changing dynamics of the relationships you may still be able to maintain good friends.
8. Spending Vigorously: In our 20s we think there will be time for savings and investments later and that this is the only time to enjoy life. We spend all that we earn and in fact, many of us build a debt. Financial planning should start at an early age. 
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9. Being Always Strong: It's ok to break down once in a while. If things aren't working your way you are allowed to be upset, you are allowed to express your emotions and yes you are allowed to cry. You don't have to always stand strong as if nothing affects you. You don't have to pretend to be ok if you are not. Your mental health is the most important thing to work on. Work on yourself.

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10. Trying To Please Everyone: It is but natural to want to feel loved and respected by everyone whether it is at home, at work or with a social circle. But there will always be a group of people that won't like you no matter what. Don't be a people pleaser and stop working to get approval from everyone. You can never keep everyone happy. So the best way is to keep yourself happy.

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11. Trying To Plan Years Ahead: It is in our making that we don't just think for today but plan for the future way ahead. This is something that keeps the human race going. But trouble knocks when you think so much about the future that you forget to live today. You don't know where you will end up. so, plan but keep that anxiety in check. Limit being distracted by the unknown. Avoid driving yourself crazy with the long term plans and work on your immediate goals.

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12. Thinking You Are The Only One: Yes there will be a failure and there will be a disappointment and then you will feel bad about it. Being upset is OK but remember you are, not the only one. Success is not a one-way road and you may need to come back a few steps to be able to move forward again. Each one of us at some point in time has faced the unexpected. You aren't the only one to fail and this is not the end of life.

13. Giving Up: Whether its a thing, a job or a relationship we make the mistake of giving up without a fight. Something is not working we throw it and get a new one without thinking about repairing them. This also happens with relationships. We tend to break the relations instead of working on them. So if something breaks try to mend it rather than throwing it and moving on. Everything in life needs efforts.

14: You Live In A Bubble:  We have a group of friends and a circle of colleagues. These become our world and we feel we would not need anyone else in life. But it is extremely important to connect to new people and expand our circle. Don't live in a bubble that would give you a comfortable vibe. Branch out, challenge yourself, make a wider circle.

15. Running Away From Learning: After graduation, we feel that education is over and that we don't have to deal with books anymore. This is the biggest mistake one can make. To continue learning is the best thing you can do to yourself. Reading is the way to success. Read about the world, read how the successful became successful. Take suggestions from the ones who have done it. Read not only about your subject of interest but about everything. Reading can make you efficient to strike any conversation with anyone.

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  3. Excellent publish, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector don’t realize this. You should continue your writing. I’m confident, you have got a great readers’ base already!


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