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8 ways of self care

It sounds so selfish to most of us when we talk about self-care. I have been brought up in a home so well bound that the concept of self-care never existed in our minds. I have seen my mother always taking care of the whole family and not paying attention to herself at all but then she did not feel the need too because there was a bunch of other people taking care of her. That is what happens in joint families. The concept of taking care of yourself is considered selfish.

Being brought up in such a family I had never learned self-care. I had heard about it but to me, it was an extra indulgence. Something that the extra rich were doing to pass their time something that came into the Indian system from the west. I never considered the importance of it. And then life happened.....

I went for my post-graduation to a new city, away from my family. New people, new life and it wasn't easy at all. Never having taken care of myself it was a very novice experience for me. No, it was not about having to get up on your own or arranging your own breakfast or about washing your clothes but I am talking about actually taking care of yourself. Dealing with peer pressure, setting up your boundaries, Not doing what you do not want to do, saying NO, spending time with yourself, doing things that make you happy or relaxed, this was the tough part.

It was then that I realized how important self-care is. Here listed are certain ways of taking care of your self which not only includes physical or emotional care but a lot more than that.
Here listed are 8 types of self-care that you should practice:

1. Physical Self Care: The only place that you have to live in this world is your body, so the first thing that you should be concerned about is your physical body. This doesn't mean you have to have a vigorous gym or exercise routine. Taking small steps towards betterment is good for now. Have proper sleep, Drinking enough water, taking care of your diet, doing a little exercise, or going for a walk can all help you get there. Self-care should not feel like an obligation, it should be something that you enjoy doing.

2. Emotional Self Care: This is about knowing your emotions better. Knowing what triggers which emotions in you and how you handle the same. Being mindful of your feelings and using them to your strength is what emotional self-care is. An important part of emotional self-care is learning to say NO. Emotional self-care is to avoid the bottleneck traffic of your emotions and learning to release them on time. Being able to express your emotions is the first thing you need to learn. A few techniques are maintaining a journal, mindfulness, meditation, etc.

3. Intellectual Self Care: This type of self-care includes something that enhances your knowledge and challenges your mind. Learning a new skill or language, reading a book, watching a documentary on topics of your interest are all part of intellectual self-care. Enhancing your knowledge, problem-solving skills, language skills all are as important for your personal growth as they are for your professional.

4. Social Self-Care: Humans by nature are social beings. We have always wanted to stay in group communities though the intensity of interaction depends on the temperament of each person. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert would determine your need for connection, but every person needs some connection; a human touch as we say. So striking up conversations with people, meeting old friends or calling a love, and going for a family vacation are all part of social self-care.

5. Spacial Self Care: You live in your body but the body also lives somewhere. Your home, workplace, car, etc are all your space. Having your space organized, clean, healthy and safe is what spacial self-care is all about. Having your space organized helps you build energy and also bring clarity to thoughts.

6.Financial Self Care: Most of the exhaustion comes in our life because of our finances. We always want to get something that is not backed up by our finances and we are always short money.  We always run out of money at the end of the month. Financial self-care includes planning your finances, budgeting, saving, and investing so that you have enough for things you actually need and don't spend all without realizing where you have been spending.

7. Spiritual Self Care: Spiritual does not mean religious, although for some people it might mean so. Spiritual self-care is when you feed your soul,when you seek inner peace, when you search for serenity. It can be spending time with nature, volunteering for the community, donating to charity, meditation, working on your aura and energy, finding a purpose for your self is what spiritual self-care is.

8. Sensory Self Care: Your senses are where every mental process starts. What you see, what you hear, what you taste, what you touch, and what you smell makes everything in your life. Being alert to your sensory capabilities is what mindfulness is. Your senses need their feed too. So watch nature, listen to soothing music, burn your favorite scented candles and there is much more you can do to take care of your senses.

These 8 types of self-care are what every person needs in their life. Also, self-care is not an indulgence, its a discipline to make yourself your first priority.

Self care bingo

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  1. And this is why it needs to change . Self care is not an indulgence, Its a discipline and women need to understand this more than men .

  2. Very nicely explained through points

  3. Very true and nice description..as we forgot these essential care of our lives

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  6. Good article divya motivational to all Indian women

  7. I like how you separated the different components of self-care. We may be really good at a couple of these, but it's so important to practice all of them!

  8. Hey... great blog 🙂. I love it that you have mentioned all the points related to self care. I have followed intellectual as well as sensory self care to preserve my mental health. Keep up the good work, and thanks for pinning :)🔥


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