The Journey Is More Beautiful Than The Destination - A List Of Questions

Aim for the sky , but move slowly , enjoying every step along the way.It is all those little steps that make the journey beautiful.

Ask yourself this question today - What is my destination?  Why am I doing whatever I am doing?

When we got into the school , The destination was to pass high school successfully . But today when we look back how many times have you seen the mark sheet of your high school ? and now think about how many times have you thought about the lessons, the knowledge and your journey in school??

When we go on a trek , Do we enjoy reaching on the last point ? or do we go there to enjoy the way to that last point? 

Today most of us have been struggling to reach a destination . Someone wants a home , someone wants a car, some of us want things that we actually do not need just because its trending but in all this wants aren't we forgetting the things we need?

We have been longing for a bigger home ,but what is the use of it if you don't have someone to share it with? Why do you need enough bank balance if you don't have someone to travel with and spend it on?

Think of the time when you will be on the last stage of this life  What will you think about? How much property you have ? What your bank balance is? Which car you own ? Or what moments did you spend with your loved ones?

Would you not like to think about the travels or the little get together ? Would you not like to remember the stupid jokes by your friends? Would you not like to remember a lovely evening walk with your life partner ? Would you not like to remember the best moments with your children ? Would you not like to remember how you brought smiles on unknown faces? Would you not like to remember the beautiful sunrise on the beach or the sunset in the mountains? What would you like to remember ?

And now please do not say - "There is a lot of time left for everything , I can do all this once I ......"

Think today

 Act today 

 Live Today

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