12 Things You Can Do Instead Of Binge Watching in 2022| Divya Toshniwal |

Before you read this article I would like you to think about all the web series or television series that you have watched last year. If possible write them down.

The Web Series fever has really taken the world by storm. Earlier there used to be movies and TV shows and there was a limit on how much you can actually watch. There were one or two television sets in the house and we had to take turns watching our favorite programs. But with platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 and the list goes on, the scenario of watching entertainment has entirely changed. Along with movies and television series these platforms came up with their own web series( original productions). Launching 10 episodes at a time compels you to watch all at once and thus Binge-Watching comes into the picture. Also, the availability of your phone and internet everywhere makes it so easy to binge-watch.

So how many hours have you invested in binge-watching in the last year?

Can you list down at least 5 things that you have learned from it?

Congratulations if you were successful in listing it down. I, on the other hand, wasn't that lucky. So this realization struck me towards the end of the year 2019 that in spite of putting strict control on my watch time I had successfully wasted a huge number of hours in binge-watching. With this realization hitting me by the end of the year I changed myself and found better avenues of entertainment that would actually leave something with me. Here are the things I did instead of binge-watching Netflix or Amazon Prime.

1. Reading:
All those who have been reading my articles already know how keen I am on reading. In every advice-giving article, reading would be mentioned at least once. This time too I would say that reading is the best habit that you can inculcate for self-development. Even if you are reading a novel and not learning anything from it, it's still better than binge-watching. When you read a book, the neurons in your brain fire over time, deciding what characters are wearing, how they are standing, and what it feels like the first time they kiss. No one shows you. The words make suggestions and your brain paints the picture. So read and keep that brain working faster. I read more than 30 books in 2019 and I aim to break my record this year.

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2. Indulge In A Hobby :

And here you can defend yourself by saying that binge-watching is also a hobby. So, here is the catch. Indulge in a hobby that does not involve a screen. No phone, tablet or television, no gaming. Nothing involving a screen. So go ahead play a musical instrument, dance, sing, play a sport, go for a run. Do anything that makes you feel happy but stay away from the screen.

3. Catch-up With Old Friends:

You have an amazing excuse for this too. Everyone is so busy. But so busy doing what? Binge-watching? So send them this article and make them realize too that catching up with old friends is much more enjoyable than sitting in one corner of the room stuck to your screen. Get together for a cup of coffee or a nice dinner and keep your phones aside while you have that lovely time together. I once heard about a group of friends who made a rule that if anyone touches their phone before the bill arrives they would have to make the payment for the entire dinner. Not to restrict you but try this once and you will realize the difference in how you feel.

4. Explore :

Are you sure that you have explored the city you live in? Have you seen every place and do you know everything in and around it? So, get up and get going. Find a place in or around your city that you haven't explored and go ahead. You may not be able to do it every Sunday, but, at least one Sunday in a week explore a place that you have never been to.

5. Join a workshop :

It is an excellent way to meet new people and learn new things. There are a number of workshops being held everywhere. Whether it's good or not is a risk to take but you definitely would get to meet new people and learn something new. It may be art, pottery, storytelling, communication, spiritual, or anything that interests you. Go forward and grab the opportunity to learn something new.

6. Play Board Games:

Remember that time when we did not have phones? And with all our cousins and friends around we sat and played Monopoly, Ludo, Uno, Life, and various other board games? We fought for the red color piece to be ours and complained about how the other person cheated and took money from the bank. We shouted Uno the very instant we put the second last card sown and playing wild card started so many fights. Those days were so beautiful and to relive those days would be definitely more worth than binge-watching another series.

7. DIY Something:

Create something for your house or for a friend. Being creative keeps you active and engaged and also gives a sense of accomplishment when you see your creation. I remember the last time when I had to gift something to a friend but it was so tough to think about what to give someone who already has everything. So to make them feel special create something for them. I learned a new paper product with the help of youtube, wrote poetry and I felt so good after creating the card.

8. Volunteer Your Time :

No, don't just give money to the charity. Go to that old age home and listen to their stories. Go to that orphanage and play with those kids. Go to that shelter home and spend time with people there. Not only will it make you feel good but it will make you learn a lot and inspire you to move forward in life. It will make you grateful for all you have and you would love your life more.

9. Organize Your Home:

Look around all the things you have. How many do you use and what are the things that are lying there just like that. Clean out your cupboard, your room, your pantry and organize your stuff. Living in a clutter-free space would bring down your stress levels too and you will feel good about the space that you live in.

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10. Listen To A Ted Talk:

So instead of binge-watching a drama, watch something that can give you new information or a new idea. Ted is an incredible option to increase your knowledge bank and be inspired. You can find ted talks on Youtube or you can also download the app. You can also use apps like Headway and Storytel that has a summary of audiobooks and also full audiobooks.

11. Start a Journal/ Blog:

Start writing about your experiences, learnings, feelings, accomplishments and whatever you want to share with yourself. You can write a journal in the old fashion way or start a blog if you want to go digital. Have an opinion and share your views. By the end of the year, you would have so many write-ups that can feed your soul or turn into a successful blog profile.

You Can Check SOme Journal Prompts To Start With Here.

12. Meditate:
Spending some time for yourself is one thing you should add to your list immediately and meditation is the best tool to do so. Meditation does not make your mind quiet rather it taps into the quietness that already exists. It removes the tangled thought in your brain to help you reach the calm and be serene. There are various techniques of meditation and none of which are wrong. The various techniques have different impacts on your body and mind.

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Try making a change this year and see for yourself how life changes. Remember that nothing will change if you change nothing.

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