Women's day - Dont' Just celebrate it like any other occassion

Every year on the 8th of march the world celebrates women's day . We conduct small and grand programs all around the globe in every organisation as per the organisation's capabilities. This one day we try to make every women feel special. We wish her, send her flowers and chocolates , every advertisement every billboard is wishing Happy Women's Day.

But do we actually need this celebration?? Is that what Women's Day all about? What is the use of celebrating womanhood one day of the year when the rest of the 364 days we are making life hell for her? Using mother sister slang, disrespecting our house helps, creating jokes on wives , workplace differentiation and much more.

Women's Day  is not Holi or Diwali that you celebrate once a year and forget for the rest of the it. This is not a festival . This day is meant to spread awareness about those little but important things that we need to understand . This Women's Day I came across 3 beautiful advertisements by PregaNews . A beautiful initiative taken up to spread awareness about the issues in pregnancy.



#YourSecondHome is the campaign that they came up with. These beautiful advertisements really made my day and also made me hope that our world would one day be successful in making this a reality.

A woman brought you in this world , so make sure you don't disrespect her by disrespecting a woman.

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