The Diary Of Her Hope

It was only today when I was so confident about my future and now all beyond this point lies in great darkness. I have no knowledge of what would happen tomorrow as I am probably getting engaged in a few days to a person whom I do not know. I would get no choice but to accept whatever the boy decides. He may like me he may not. I would have no choice to like or dislike him because girls don’t get that privilege. Girls accept their father’s decisions before marriage and their husband’s decisions after marriage. And most of them would be living as per the decision of their sons if they get in that stage. I would have to live that way too. All I can wish for is that the boy I meet the day after tomorrow would be a better person. He would be well educated and thus would know the value of education. The family did seem good. May be I will still be able to complete my education and pursue my dreams.

With this positive note she convinced herself that whatever is happening it’s happening for the better.

We say that India is now on the path of progress and those were old times when girls did not have a say , today everything has changed .

Has it?

Definitely not in the villages , mostly not in small towns but you will be I was shocked to see that even in the big cities and in many modern well educated families nothing has changed yet. These families educate their girls to write fancy degrees in the BIO-DATA so that they would get better grooms and families. She would still not be allowed to work or have a say in any matter . 

To all those parents who have a girl child: Please stop saving for her marriage , instead educate her. Set her free. Let her live. Teach her to be independent. She is not a burden that you need to transfer to someone else. She will become your pride , your life line . At least give her a chance.

To all those girls : Stand up for yourself . Don't accept things just because they have been accepted for centuries . Don't kill your dreams , work for it . Stay confident . You Can Do It.

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