India And Its History With Science

On #NationalScienceDay :

India's journey with science has been the longest. We do not know when it started but all we can say is it was prevalent in the Vedic era. We have lots of text showcasing the capabilities of then Rishies which was much more than the scientists existing today. Today science is more about the 'Yantra' back then it was about the 'Mantra'.

India has had top notch medical practitioners, engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Aryabhatt was the one to give ZERO to the world. The first plastic surgeon in India is believed to have been existed in 600 B.C. We still find cures of so many diseases in Ayurveda and in Yoga.There were constructions of cities and towns with efficient city planning , there were constructions of dams too. These were all in Vedic age.

We read about flying chariots and men in the Vedic Texts which were written much before any man on earth could even think that they could fly . Much before the Wright Brothers.We have heard of Brahmastra and Pashupatiastra and many more weapons much before the world could even think about nuclear weapons.

We knew about the nine planets and the sun and the moon and the pole star and much more while the world was thinking that the earth is flat.We had our calender in place much before anyone divided the days ,weeks , months or years . 

We read about the Rishis travelling from one place to another in seconds . They were believed to disintegrate in one place leaving the five elements in nature and reassemble their body anywhere by taking the five elements again from nature. They carried only their souls. Man is still working really hard on teleportation.

Sanskrit is the most scientific language and Devanagari Lipi is the most scientific written language in the history of mankind. Today when we think of artificially intelligent computers and which language is to be used as reference for their coding we look up to Sanskrit and Devanagari Lipi.

Today we see India to be behind a lot of other countries in the race of science but we are forgetting where we come from . We have lost our faith on our accomplishments and our systems , we are attracted towards the glamorous western world. We are less than them because we believe so.

We cannot shoot to the starts if we forget our roots. We need to balance the ancient and the modern . We need to find the secrets of our rich heritage .  Its time to explore the lost knowledge.We need to explore them and learn from them .We have to start believing in them and in the power of 'Mantras'.Today when we have analysed so many things and have built so many devices scientists confirm that the sound of the cosmic rays hitting the earth's surface is ' OM' /ॐ। 

Having faith on what is yours , having confidence in your history , being connected with your roots is the only thing that will lead you to development. A tree cannot grow strong if the roots are not strong.

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