Life’s Amazing Secrets – Gaur Gopal Das- An Experience

As the cover says no doubt Gaur Gopal Das is one of the most loved and widely followed monks of today. I myself am a huge fan of his speeches. The way he explains little life lessons through practical metaphors and short tales with twists is just amazing. All his speeches have kept me glued to him always and I wish I could say the same about the book.

The outline of the book is very neatly stated where the author places the car of our life on four wheels, viz., personal life, relationships, work life and social contribution and spirituality giving the directions as a steering wheel. The content inside on the other hand could not impact me as to immediately follow any of the messages. The stories at times were breaking the flow of the book rather than building it. The link between each chapter I felt was somehow missing and I could not relate to a lot of things. At some points I felt that I was reading for the sake of reading. The practical metaphors were however as good as always and they would have sounded even better coming directly from his mouth rather than as words from the book.

Highlights from the book:

There is a statement where the author is talking about the negative thoughts and our obsession with it and I would like to quote him here “Just like our tongue can be obsessed with something stuck in our teeth, our mind has a default setting to be obsessed about the negative” This is something that I am taking from the book and I know I will remember this line always.

The why worry flowchart has been there for a while now but is still a point to mention.
Showing sensitivity towards inanimate objects was a new concept that I read. I realized that it sounds true so I would like to work on it and see the difference.

The whole of chapter nine is really a good read. The base of the chapter is that the way we see the world depends on the glass that we are seeing it through.

You need to make deposits before you can make withdrawals, even in Your relationships.
The concept of Ikigai or “the purpose of living” is very well explained when we talk about it theoretically.

Overall the book was a nice read I would say. Had a little fling of humor here and there which would make you smile a lot of times and giggle a few times and at the same time there were a lot of concepts that may intrigue people who have just begun their spiritual journey.

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