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 How often do we fall prey to a situation where we end up doing something just because others are doing it?  I was walking up the stairs of a subway (not the sandwich parlour).On my left a few stairs above were a corner which was dark. I had not noticed it till I saw people peeping in and looking what was there in that dark corner. And when I reached the point I did the same. I did not even realise that I did it, this happened like a reflex action. But after this incidence it got me thinking Why?? Why did I turn to the left and see what was there? Why did people who were looking there affect me. Why did following the people came so naturally to me?

In the primitive days when people lived in forests and caves, there was danger all around. Then if you find a group of people running in the same direction it was probably a lion was coming from the other direction. Thus you ran in the same direction to save yourself from the lion. In this way it was ingrained in our genes to follow the crowd.

The same scenario repeats in all phases of our lives. As a child we always want a toy that the other children have. We may never play with the toy again but we want it. Because everyone has it so it must be right to have it. When we grow up we tend to choose our career according to what our friends are choosing or what is currently popular. Because everyone is doing it this must be the best option. Getting married because this is the right age? How is that right age decided? Because majority of people get married by this age. But is that what makes it right?

But the world has moved forward and we are not in the primitive cave days and there are no lions running after us. We can afford to take risks now. So break some rules, take new ways, find new avenues and explore the world. Make your mistakes and learn from them. You will not always win but life is not about winning or losing, life is about living.
Some people from that crowd of million will decide to walk out and find a path of their own. Majority of them will be forced back into the crowd by the so called society, peer pressure and lack of belief in self. They will fall prey to statements like “No one is doing this, how come you alone are right?”, “If this was right, everyone would be successful this way.” Etc. etc. But above all it’s the fear of walking alone that will force them back into the crowd, killing all their dreams and making them live a mediocre life.

A few out of these however will give up under no circumstances. They will choose what millions did not and they will create history.

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  1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for reminding this great but often untold truth to the people like me who, time and again, find themselves completely lonely on the path of life.


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