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Teenage is a time in life which is the most adventurous and the most delicate too. Every girl goes through her own roller coaster ride during this period.There are so many adjustments that we keep making , with our bodies , with the school and college and the society as a whole. We love it all but sometimes we want it all to end too. Sometimes it becomes too much. 
We can't speak our minds because according to people we are very young to speak and we can't be careless and lazy because according to the same people we have now grown up.
By God's grace I have been able to gather the courage to write and express what I want to.  I started with something that I did not have in my teens and that I have tried to give to my little sister. But there are many girls like me who don't have an elder sister to give them suggestions or support.
Any advice that I gave to my sister is expressed in form of these 3 letters which address 3 major areas in life of a teenage girl. First is about the life changing event - The Periods. The next about the body image and one very crucial is the choice of career.
 For any girl who misses an elder sister for any piece of advice. I am there.
Tons of love,

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