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In a small village in India lived 2 boys Raju and Kanu. They lived in the house opposite to each other and had grown to be good friends. Raju was 10 years of age and Kanu was 3 years younger to him. They would spend the whole day together and always play with each other only. One day they were playing a little outside the village. The day was hot and both of them felt thirsty. They decided to go to the well and take some water out. When Raju was pulling the bucket out of the well his leg slipped and he fell straight into the well. Raju started screaming for help but there was no one around except Kanu. Kanu was really scared and did not know what to do. He ran here and there to look for help but there was no one around. He came back to the well and held the rope tight. He decided that he has to pull Raju out or else he is going to lose his friend forever. But this was not an easy task. Raju was a healthy boy of 10 years while Kanu was just seven and with no extraordinary health. But he would not give up on his friend. He is going to help his friend anyhow.

After a long and rigorous struggle, he was able to save his friend's life. Raju was out of the well. They hugged each other and ran towards the village to tell everyone what had happened with them. When they started narrating the story to their respective family, no one believed them. They thought the boys were just making things up as it was impossible for someone like Kanu to pull up a boy like Raju from the well. They got scolded for making up stories and no one in the village believed that it was a true story. There was however a very old man in the village who was considered the head of the village. He was a very respectable man and everyone in the village used to call him ‘dada’. The boys then went to him to share their experiences. When he heard the whole story he picked Kanu up, hugged him and said “Well done Kanu. I am proud of you.”

The whole village was astonished on this response by dada and asked him how he can believe in such a made-up story.

Dada replied “This is not a made-up story. The boy is telling the truth and I am really proud of what he has done. He saved a life today and he should be rewarded.”

Someone from the Crowd spoke, “How can this little boy accomplish something that is impossible for him?”

Dada said with a slight smile on his face “Because there was no one around to tell him that he cannot do it”

From the day we are born we are surrounded by negative suggestions like “you cannot do it”, “you are too young to accomplish this”, “it is a tough goal”, “you do not have that strength”, “you will never win”, “he is better than you”, “life is an endless grind” etc. Listening to these statements and believing them over time we build a negative belief system.

While traveling in an airplane if you decide to walk into the cockpit, you definitely would not know how to fly a plane but you would be distracting the pilot from doing his job. It’s the same with our negative belief system which impacts the normal functioning of our body and results in various physical and mental issues. We in such circumstances can never unleash our full potential and worry, stress, anxiety, fear, and depression becomes a part of our life because of this.

Our belief system is what builds us and our lives. We have a choice to believe what we want to, we have a choice to turn our lives around. Change your thoughts and the world will change.

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