10 Things Not To Be Done In Corona Virus Lockdown| Based On Personal Observation | Divya Toshniwal |

So I have written a lot about what to do in this COVID -19 lockdown situation and how to handle yourself in the coronavirus pandemic. but today I have a 'Not To Do ' list for you. Learning from the people around me and observing what a lot of people are doing has led me to assemble the following ' 10 things not to be done in coronavirus pandemic' These are not about the hygiene you have to maintain as that has been said by many and by now we know the importance of the guidelines issued by our government and health specialist. We will today talk about our lifestyle changes and what we should take care of in our lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic.

So here is a list of 10 things that we should not do in coronavirus lockdown.

1. Addictive Games- Yes we all have a lot of spare time and we have nothing to do. Work from home is good for a few days and then work disappears and at home remains. This tempts us to take up something engaging, something that can take our mind off reality. Thanks to the extensive advertisements we get into the world of gaming. Games like PUBG, COK, Candy Crush, Subway Surfer(it's a long list) are highly addictive. Not only they impact your eyes, waste your time but also plays with your mind. There is huge research done on internet gaming addiction and I would really like you to read more about it if you or any loved one is addicted to any such games.

2. Oily and junk food- A new trend has started during this lockdown. Since we are not being able to eat out, everyone is trying to prepare a variety of meals at home. Till some point, it is ok because one cannot have the same kind of food every day, but this rather than being a break from monotonous food or an experiment of one's culinary skills has become more of social competition. So the social media that pressurized people to hang out, travel, do check-ins, buy branded stuff, etc., now pressurizes to cook and post statuses about it. Also at the same time, we should keep in mind that all this variety of food is still junk food, fritters, or burgers made at home are still counted to be junk food. We do not have the hectic routines we used to have thus digesting heavy food can be tougher for our bodies. Hence we should have lighter food. Oily and junk food reduce our local immunity and that is the last thing we want in the current situation.

3. Disrupting Your Daily Schedule- So we do not have an office to go to or schools and colleges to attend. All we have to do is wear pajamas and sit in our homes. This really tempts us to wake up a little late, or delay our food timings, avoid our workouts too. This disruption in the daily schedule in this situation is going to make you pay harder than you think. Firstly, your sleep cycle changes, your body clock changes, your food habits change (and of course all of this makes you lazy too). Our body is used to do everything at a certain time in a certain way, disrupting this schedule also impacts our immunity and overall energy in our system. Also, when we go back to our normal life it would be really tough to switch back just like that.

4. Cold drinks and Icecreams- Clearly its summer and clearly its time for something cool. But this year my strict suggestion to you would be to avoid cold drinks and icecreams. Cold drinks and icecreams reduce your local immunity and makes your body more prone to throat infections. In the current situation though its summer we need to behave like its still winter(in this matter).

5. Trusting Socal Media News- Remember not only you but the entire country is at home and they have a lot of spare time too. There are many who miss the spice in their lives and would create it in the lives of others just for the sake of entertainment. Thus starts a chain of fake news. So avoid trusting any news on social media unless you have confirmed it from a trusted source. Whether it is a lockdown extension or a weather report, a natural calamity, or a political rustle, do not forward any news before you yourself confirm it from a trusted source( This does not mean a friend of your. Ensure you check it on news channels or reports).

6.Social Gathering- I have seen many gathering outside their homes and gathering around, sitting on two-wheelers and car bonnets to talk and gossip. We get that human connection is necessary and without it, you are bound to feel lonely but for some time we need to build these connections virtually. If not for ourselves then for the sake of people we love. We need to avoid any kind of physical gatherings.

7.Binge-Watching- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, and many more. This list is becoming longer every day. We have so much to watch, web series and movies in all genres and for all tastes. Watching a series is not bad but if that's what you do for most of your day you are wasting precious hours of your life. 

8. Staying In Front Of Screens All Day- Even when we control our gaming and binge-watching, staying in front of screens is another addiction that we are just not being able to tackle. We are working on our laptops, then watching the news, and to take a break from the larger screen we shift our attention to the smaller one for Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

9. Living In A Mess- Yes I know it is really tough to manage without your house help and that may make you lazy regarding the appearance of your home. Since no one's going to visit you, you may delay your cleaning process and agree to live in a little mess, which ultimately accumulates and the little mess becomes a big mess. So now you know that keeping the house tidy is really important ( That is the toughest one for me personally)

10. Thinking You Will Not Get Infected- This is the worst one. I have heard many of my friends and relatives say this ' It is not going to affect us' or' we will not get infected' and some also say ' They are just creating hype to sell vaccines'. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself right now. This problem is real and though we cannot live in fear, we cannot also be careless about it.


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