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Covid-19, The disease caused by a novel coronavirus that spread from Wuhan China is the most talked-about topic in the world today. It has claimed more than 190000 lives at the time I am writing the article and we don't know how far this will reach. Many cities are partially locked down and many are entirely locked down. The majority of offices have told their employees to work from home and a lot of employees have been temporarily laid off too. You probably are reading this article locked in your own home thinking how would you be able to survive this time and even if you do what will happen next.

Though there is a lot more going on in your mind but one important concern is that you may be going crazy because of isolation and nothing to do. I don't know how long this will last but in India, I believe it will at least last till 31st March which is quite far now. So here is a list of things that I have taken up in order to make my days productive and so that isolation doesn't make me crazy.

1. Reading: The top on my list has always been reading, but that is because I love to read and anyone of you who have been reading my previous posts would know that well. In such time you may not be able to buy a hard copy but thanks to kindle app we still have an option.

2. Youtube tutorials: There are plenty of things one wants to learn and this is the best time to do so. Locked up in your home you still have access to the world. So go on youtube, find a tutorial and learn what you want to.

3. Organizing Your Home: I am the laziest person when it comes to organizing my home. But once I decide to I don't stop till its perfectly my way. In a busy schedule, it's tough to sit an organize all the shelves and everything around but now you will have quite some extra time.

4. Learn How To Cook: So you need to stop eating outside due to hygiene reasons, so all the food you eat is prepared in your home, it may be made by your mother, sister, spouse or maybe yourself. If you are making it, you know it takes up quite some time of your daily schedule If you are not making it this may be a good time to start learning to cook, at least for times like this.

5. Online Courses: Join up for an online certified course. This will keep you busy, help you enhance your knowledge and skill and at the same time also upgrade your resume for a future that would be a tougher job market when all this is over.

6. Exercise: This is a good time to start working on your physical health. As we know maximum fatalities and critical cases of Covid-19 have been with people who have a weaker immune system. So this is your wake up call. Get up and prepare your body for what is coming. Build immunity and start working on your health from today itself.

7. Meditate: In times of such chaos when all you hear is the negativity among people you need some time out trying to get everything together and trying to balance your mind. To find some peace in solitude meditation is a great option.

8. Netflix and chill: Well though binge-watching is a really bad habit but that doesn't mean you cannot spend an hour or two watching web series or serials on either the television or e-platforms like Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. So sit back in a blanket with some snacks and watch some good series or movie.

9. Play: Yes gamers, go play. This may be a good way to connect with some people. But make sure gaming doesn't become an addiction to you.

10. Family Time: If you are in lockdown with your family, you are in luck. You have a lot of time to spend with your parents and grandparents that you otherwise would have spent in a movie hall, cafe or club. So go have some fun with them.

The important thing in all these points above is that you do not have to choose one or two of these. You can choose to do all of this and divide your day accordingly. You would be the busiest person in lockdown but this time for yourself and not for someone else.

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