5 Daily Self Care Habits That You Should Follow To Have The Happiest Life |Divya Toshniwal|

In today's testing times most of us have been stressed . There have been increase in cases of anxiety,  depression, PTSD and many more emotional and psychological issues. Many of us have lost a lot and now is the time to start healing and preparing ourselves for whatever is coming our way next . 

Self care is an important tool to strengthen your mental and emotional health. It is something which is seen as selfish in our society. I have heard so many people say that its an indulgence that only the rich can afford . So to clarify here, self care is not limited to taking vacations and having an expensive spa day . Self care is not a luxury , its a necessity. 

Here are 5 habits that you can inculcate in your daily life in order to practice self-care.

1. Start your day with positivity. Remind yourself of something positive every day. A positive memory, something that you are proud of, something that you are looking forward to, or something that went well in the previous day. It can be anything and even the smallest of things can set a positive tone for your entire day.
2. Celebrate every little accomplishment. Do not burden yourself with the expectations of the world or even your own for that matter. Do not be hard on yourself. Break your tasks for the day into smaller steps and celebrate every time you complete a step. You deserve celebrations on all your wins no matter how small. Small progress is still progress. 

3. Taking support when needed. You are not supposed to do everything alone. Reach out to your friends, family, or a therapist when need be. Asking for help is not a sign of being week. In fact, it takes confidence to be vulnerable.  

4. Do things that make life worth living. Do not run blindly in achieving your goals. Do not spend 16 hours working and earning money. Maintain a work-life balance. Every single day does something that makes you happy. Listen to music, humm a song, paint, dance, or eat a dessert. Do not leave living for after retirement.  Live today. 

5. Move a step ahead. People with happier, healthier and successful life do not get it all in one day . They add to their life, a little something every day. The little steps of development are what creates a beautiful life for them. So no matter how far your goal seems, move a little towards it every day. Develop yourself a little every day. 



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