Happy Women's Day

We have always expected people to make us feel special. We expect our fathers to make us feel special on our birthdays, from our brothers to make us feel special on rakhi and our boyfriends or husbands to make us feel special on an anniversary or valentine's day. This year let us ask ourselves how can we make ourselves feel special.  It is really important that we realize the importance of self-love. 

We think about everyone except ourselves. We think about taking care of our old parents and in-laws.  We think about teaching and feeding our kids. We stand strong as a support system to our husband, brothers or boyfriend but when it comes to us we don't do anything for ourselves. I know it is natural to expect things from your loved ones as you have been doing everything in your power to make them happy but if they do not return that care and affection it does not mean you are not loveable.

Being a little selfish isn't always bad. So do what makes you feel happy. Do what makes you feel you are lovable. It's good to take care of everyone around but that is not your duty. It's a choice and you deserve to be appreciated for that. And this appreciation should start from you.

Every day is Women's Day if you love yourself.

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