Pledge That Every Women Should Take On This Women's Day | Divya Toshniwal |

The ancient Vedic culture of India has been very strong and the essence of its strength lies in the correct balance of the male and female union. The men and women were not insecure about losing their powers rather they understood the strength of growing together. The women stood strong and at par with the men in teaching, researches, business, science, and also as warriors.

During the middle ages, there was a huge suppression in women's power, but in spite of these situations, there still have been innumerable examples of women creating history. Today women are liberated. They have opportunities to grow and they are again standing at par with men to help create a better world. But what is the reason behind the decline of society then?

Since the Vedic age, our culture teaches us to respect women. Our ancient texts say ' Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata' the literal translation of which says the gods stay where the women are worshipped.

Women or ' Shakti ' is the essence of nature without which nothing can grow, nothing can blossom. In the middle ages along with various invasions on our land and our cultures, these values declined and the women's power that was supposed to be worshipped ended up being tortured and suppressed. Years of imprisonment in their own homes and of their mind and body have made women rebellious. When someone is kept in a suffocating environment for a certain time the reaction to fresh air is that they would take a deeper breath, and also they would do anything possible to avoid going into such suffocation ever again. This is exactly what has happened with the women community. Years of imprisonment in their own homes and of their mind and body have made women rebellious. Years of suffocation are ending with women liberation and now women are again working at par with men but the sole difference between the ancient and the modern times is the agenda.

Men and women in ancient times worked together, hand in hand, for the betterment of each other and the society as a whole. Today both men and women are working for their own benefits and selfish reasons. it is high time to understand what cooperation and togetherness can bring about. This women's day understand the true essence of being a woman . Leave your insecurities and work in harmony to make this world a better place.

For all the men out there, women are not here to snatch away your power , rather working in harmony can increase both your abilities and capabilities .

This women's day lets pledge to walk , not ahead, not behind, but together.



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