Yes !! I Bought A Planner

I have always been told by people that I am a bit old fashioned. Well, maybe that is true. There are certain things in life that I would like to keep the old fashioned way. So in a world where calendars have disappeared from our walls and appointment diaries have found space in our phones with help of assistants like Siri, Bixby, and Alexa, I have bought a planner diary for myself. Yes, the old school pen and paper planner. 

Some commented on my purchase saying as a minimalist why would I make such a purchase when a free app is available on phone? Some said it's just a waste of money and some said I should learn to be tech-friendly. 

I would like to say that being minimalist doesn't mean you would skip from life the things you like. Rather it is all about making space for things you like. So when you use something well it can never be a waste of money. And I definitely am Tech-friendly but I don't want to become tech-dependant.

So yes, I have bought a planner. It has a helicopter view of the whole year, monthly planners, and weekly planners. It also has space to create a vision board and set goals for the year. It also has a habit tracker column for every month along with the rest. 

I have color-coded everything I write, like, red for work, green for self-development, pink for self-care, brown for chores, and so on. Every day I sit with my bunch of colored pens and for 10 minutes I plan the day, noting down all that is done the previous day and all needed to be done today. I compare them to my weekly goal and then move ahead with my day. Every night before going to bed I sit with the planner for 10 minutes again and review the day. Along with that, I write a lesson or a realization that I had in the day sometimes in form of a quote.

The whole of 2020, people were complaining about how they were stuck in their homes and had nothing to do, while I was complaining about how time flew by and I don't know where. So this year I brought a planner into my life and the past few days have been more attentive and productive.

Go ahead and try it. Going old school really works sometimes.

Planners for 2021

 A few planning sheets for you: 


  1. I could never make proper use of planners. It is good that you are exploring it. Wish you all the best and success.


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