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I came across this new term: Skinimalism, and I am instantly in love with it.  Skinimalism can be explained as going with minimal products on your skin. Skinimalism is the makeup minimalism. 

Till a year ago, the trends in the beauty industry was filled with heavy make-up looks. Even the no-makeup look had layers of products on your skin. Not only did people put on makeup for occasions but it had become a part of our everyday life. Women would spend hours before stepping out of the house to put on makeup and style their hair and then again a half before going on to the bed to remove it all.

With the Covid-19 lockdown and staying home for longer periods of time, we actually turned to the no make-up phase in our lives. Many of my make-up products expired too. Though I have been into minimalism for more than a couple of years now there were still a lot of products that I used on my skin. But the year 2020 has brought about this great change where I do not even use a compact powder when I step out of the house ( Unless it is for a special occasion). As far as I remember I haven't used my lipstick more than 15 times in the whole year, and I haven't applied heavy makeup even for once. Just a moisturizer, lip care, and kajal, and I am good to go. It feels like my skin can breathe now.

Many other than me have started loving their skin as natural as it is and this has given birth to the new trend, namely, Skinimalism or makeup minimalism. 

There has been a huge decline in the makeup industry in 2020 while there has been an increase in sales of skincare products(especially natural and chemical-free products). Even once the lockdown was lifted women have chosen to go makeup-free, embracing their natural skin more than ever before. Their concern has been more on making their skin healthy rather than cover up the unhealthy spots and lines with a layer of makeup to make them look like a doll.

In 2021, I believe, even when we start moving out of our homes and back to the normal track routine, this trend would find permanence in our lives. People will move to more natural skincare routines and use products that will make the natural textures of their skin glow rather than giving the look of caky and doll-finished skin.

How can you embrace Skinimalism?

1. Stop using make-up every time you step out of the house. Let it be for special occasions like parties and marriages or a special date night maybe.

2. Invest in good and natural skincare products. Do not compromise with the stuff you put on your skin. Look into products that go well on your skin. Do not get influenced by all those advertisements hovering on your screens.

3. Get an aloe vera plant. Yes, other than using products that are natural use homemade packs as per your skin's texture and pure aloe vera gel on your face. Aloe vera is not known as the "miracle plant" without any reason.

4. Try face-yoga. It will improve the blood circulation in your face and make your skin look younger and glowy. Try jade roller or quartz roller too. They help a lot in increasing the blood flow and reduce fine lines.

5. It may not be possible for you to let go all at once. Make a note of how many products you use on your face and eliminate the extras one by one.

I for sure have embraced Skinimalism and I hope this trend would allow us to be more aware of reality and make us stop longing for the picture-perfect skin that we see on celebrities ( who by the way spend more than a couple of hours putting that look on). Invest a little time in yourself, do a little research, and embrace the slow but sustainable beauty trend of 2021- Skinimalism.

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