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Recently the world happiness record 2020 was released and Finland is the happiest country for the third consecutive year. Even in the duration of a pandemic when the whole world is going through tremendous struggles physically, emotionally, and financially, there are some who manage to stay happy. In midst of rising cases of depression and chronic stress, I would like to take you through 19 different ways that have helped me increase the level of my happiness. These tips have helped me stay more positive and relaxed. It has helped me decrease my stress and helped me grow. So here is a list that would help you to know how to say happy.

1. Do not compare your life with that of others: A child with a big toy car is the happiest until he sees another child with a bigger car. This is the story of our lives. Most of us aren't sad because we need something we don't have, rather we are sad because we want something that someone else has. Every person has a different story, a different journey, and a different destination. One cannot read one chapter of someone's life to declare their life to be easy or happy.

2. Create a Gratitude list: Not many understand the importance of gratitude in life. We take things for granted and forget to appreciate the gift life has given us. In search of things we have we often forget to thank the universe for providing us what we have. So sit down and make a gratitude list for things you are thankful for. This will help you remember how beautiful your life is.

3.Give someone a compliment: A little compliment can make someone's day and the smile you spread comes back to you. Sometimes when you are having a bad day, sending a wave of happiness to someone else can bring a smile on your face too.

4. Do something different: Being stuck in a monotonous routine can pile up on the stress that you are carrying. So try something new. Something that you have never done or that you have been planning to do for a long time but always end up postponing. A friend of mine bakes awesome cakes but she was always hesitant to take it to a professional level. Recently she started baking for sale and has received a rush of orders. Getting appreciation for a work that you do is one of the very things that makes you happy. So go ahead and give it a try.

5.Own less stuff: Most of us actively live a materialistic life and most of our focus lies on getting things that we don't have. We may or may not need them , but having them becomes the centre of our world. Such materialism can be a big cause for the stress in our lives. Having less stuff not only reduces your stress but also helps you focus on the right things that would really make you happy.

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6. Go for a walk: In 2020 we have all realized the importance of walk. Being stuck at home and not being able to go anywhere, many of us chose a morning walk in the nearby park or our own terrace to balance the stagnancy in life. In general, any physical activity like walking, dancing, and various other exercise routines, help release the happiness hormones which reduces stress and makes us happier.

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7. Believe in yourself: The day people started taunting me on how I wasn't doing anything in spite of having a master's degree and so much potential, I did not have much to say. Sometimes I doubted my choices too but believing in myself and in my goals is what kept me going. Today I know thousands of people are reading me. Thousands of people who I don't even know me are resonating with my thoughts and many send me messages of how certain article of mine or my book has brought a change in their life. The belief is growing stronger every day and that makes me the happiest.

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8. Practice acceptance: Being able to accept is one of the biggest tools to happiness. Being able to accept that sometimes things are not in your hands and they are as they are. Accept yourself, accept the situation that isn't in your hand, and move on. Make the best out of what you have. I know it is easier said than done, but even cribbing about it is not going to change that situation.

9.Stop Chasing Dreams: No, I am not saying to stop dreaming or working towards your dream. I am just saying to stop chasing them blindly. In search of a dream do not lose touch with your reality. 

10.Journal: At times when connecting to people was becoming tougher, I got an opportunity to connect to myself. Writing a journal helped me connect to my inner self and brought me closer to my surroundings too. Every day I find a different journal prompt and write about it. 

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11. Connect with an old friend: The busy schedules that we were following was all changed by the covid-19 lockdown. Suddenly we had more time and nothing to do with it. This brought an opportunity to do certain tasks that were being procrastinated continuously. One of these was connecting with old friends. Recalling memories from school and colleges helped me a lot to get through these struggling times. It made me laugh and made the mood lighter.

12.Plan for the change: Change is the only constant and 2020 has crushed our delusion that our lives work as per we plan. It has shown us that everything we plan can g down the drain. Thus the only plan that worked for me is to plan for change. Initially, when my workshops stopped because of the lockdown situation I was really sad about it. Stress started piling up. I was never used to doing household chores and I had to do them. So everything that I had planned was down the drain and my life had completely changed. That is when I realized that it was the most important to plan for change and make yourself of accepting the changes and move forward. One should be prepared both physically, emotionally, and financially for changes that may come their way.

13. Give something to charity: I have seen people helping the most when they have the least. In times of adversities, people come together and help each other. Such was my realization in times of lockdown when many had lost their jobs. I also did not have a source of income then but I realized that helping people out in this situation, even when they would never be able to help you out ever, is what made me happy. Bringing a smile on someone else's face made my soul happy too.

14.Listen to your mind and body: Most of the time we either overstimulate or under stimulate our mind and body. One of the greatest secrets to being happy is to be more attentive towards the body as well as the mind. If you do not use your body or your mind up to its capacity it will be frustrated because of the stagnancy, and at the same time, if you overstimulate it, it will be under stress. Thus being attentive towards the body and mind, knowing your boundaries, and exploring your potential is very important for staying content and happy.

19 happiness hacks

15.Watch an inspirational video: Not always one can stay motivated to do everything in life. Sometimes it so happens that we feel down, we feel things aren't going to work and that is the time we need external support. Some amazing inspirational stories and videos may certainly give us that.

16. Be Creative: Creating something can be very satisfying. No matter how small it is but when we see the end product it is like instant gratification. You can write a story, create an art piece, start a DIY project or anything that you can think of. Just use your creative brains and create something new.

17. Be spontaneous: Sometimes thinking too much can ruin the joy in certain things and moments. Be spontaneous and just do it. So if you get an opportunity just grab it and do not overthink.

18. Keep the child in you alive: A child laughs more, plays more, trusts more, dreams more, and lives more. As we grow we tend to bend to the fake rules created by the world limiting ourselves to what others think of us. We stop believing in magic, we stop believing in the impossible. In order to be happy we need to shake this fake belief system and find our way back to the magic.

19. Be Imperfect: We always try to be the perfect person and we try to create perfect situations, but moments are created in the imperfect world. Perfectionism is not bad but it pulls you back and stops you from trying a variety of things in which you believe you would not be perfect. The perfectionist argues the reason why not to do something while the imperfectionist looks forwards to the opportunity to try something new. Always remember nothing can be perfect in one shot, so be imperfect and keep improving. Release the stress of being perfect all the time.



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