The Story of Spiderman - When Stan Lee got rejected

Spiderman one of the most popular superheroes of the Marvels world wasn't accepted initially by the publishers.  Stan Lee when creating spiderman had an uncommon epiphany which helped him designed a character with powers like crawling on the walls. A fly had given him such strange idea and after brainstorming for some time he landed upon SPIDERMAN. But this isn't where the uniqueness of this idea ended. Another big change that he brought upon was making this hero a teenager. At that time teenage superheroes weren't common and infact Stan Lee couldn't recall any teenage superhero at that time. So it was decided that Spiderman was going to be a teenager. Along with that he gave the character some personal problems to deal with which would connect to the audience better. Happily he went to his publisher's office.

The response of his publisher wasn't something that he had expected. According to the publisher this was the worst idea he had ever come up with. The publisher had his reasons though. He said everyone hates spiders, how can the name spiderman ever appeal to people ? Also teenagers can be sidekicks not superheroes and above all superheroes solve problems of the world . They don't have personal problems. 

Stan Lee left the office but somehow he was so stuck on this concept that he did not want to give the idea up. He believed this idea could create a stir in the superheroes world.

He decided to publish a part in a magazine 'Amazing Fantasy' making it the cover page of the magazine to just keep the idea alive. The sales figure of 'Amazing Fantasy' multiplied. People loved Spiderman.

A month later the publisher came running to Stan Lee saying ' Hey Stan ., remember that character Spiderman that we both loved so much ,lets turn it into a series'.

And how Spiderman created a place in the Marvel universe and our hearts is all history.

The story gives us 3 lessons:

1. Everyone gets doubted upon . Even Stan Lee. Not everyone has the capacity to understand a creative genius. 

2. No matter what people say , if you have an idea go ahead and take action. You may succeed or you may fail but one thing is for sure , you will learn.

3. Believe in yourself and one day the world will believe in you.



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