Is Covid-19 The Turning Point In Our Lives? Impact Of Coronavirus On Us | Divya Toshniwal |

The whole world is surrounded by only one topic right now: Coronavirus. A virus that has existed for decades but now a new version of it has been found in humans. Where it came from? Well, that is still controversial. Some say it spread from the wet sea market in Wuhan, China while others say it is a lab-made virus that was planned to be used as a bioweapon and accidentally spread out.

Right now it doesn't matter where it came from but people all over the world are affected by it and the healthcare systems in some countries are falling too. People are locked in their own homes in a couple of countries and they cannot move around freely. It is said that the situation is going to be the same everywhere. The best way to not get affected by coronavirus is to stay home and take care of your hygiene. Many offices in our country have also closed down and asked their employees to work from home. The majority of the cinema halls are closed. Schools and universities are closed. In some places, even malls, pubs, clubs, gym and any pace where there is a possibility of a mass gathering are closed.

But in midst of all this happening, I also found something amazing happening. I saw people talking to each other and having conversations. For a change, they were not too busy to spend time with their parents because they had no place to go. No club, no pub, no movie, no gym, no shopping and above all no office. People were saving 3 hours of commute to the office every day. I saw the pollution levels in many cities going down. I saw parents playing with their children because the kids were finally free. No school, no college, no tuitions, and no hobby classes. The kids were home to be safe from coronavirus. I saw couples sitting and eating together because now they did not have an office schedule to follow. They had time to spend with each other. I saw a family sitting together and playing Ludo, not on their phones but on grandma's real Ludo board.

There have been uncountable writeups and doctors' suggestions on why you should avoid junk food and no one seemed to bother. I remember my mom repeatedly saying me not to eat junk food. She agreed on making anything and everything possible at home and I never listened. But suddenly homemade food has become of the highest priority. The no.of people eating out has significantly reduced. People are working towards building stronger immunity. Everyone is more concerned about building up a healthy body. People have understood the importance of hygiene. 

With so much going on around people have realized the importance of life. They have realized what is important and what is not. They have realized all those things they wasted their time on and understood the importance of time. I have seen people reading, I have seen people being aware of things going around, I have seen people understanding feelings and developing empathy. And above all people have developed a sense of community. They have understood the importance of human interaction. Being in lockdown has helped them gain insight and the sense of community has only gotten stronger. People in Italy are coming out in their balconies and singing together. Countries are all together in it trying to fight this coronavirus epidemic. 

I know this will be over soon and we will develop the treatments and vaccine. Life will soon get normal again. Back to school and offices. ' Fun ' things will be open again. Everyone would again get busy and on track. But will it and should it? This may be the turning point when we realize the true meaning of life and the things that really matter. If we can learn a few little things from the coronavirus epidemic this can turn our lives around.

In midst of all the threatening posts and messages, in midst of all that you should and should not do posts, this one little thought of mine is just to make you aware of what you have right now and how you can make the most of it. 


  1. Positive observation even in the negative situation, this is all we need, very nicely done.

  2. I think businesses should reconsider 24/7 stores. If you got a website your business is open 24/7 already.


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