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There is a reason we don't see the world as white and black. What is life without colors? Not only we would miss this amazing festival of Holi but our entire lives would be dull. But did you know that the colors you wear or the colors you stay around can affect your mind and your body? These colors can tweak your personalities. Colors have the power to impact your thoughts, change the way you feel and influence your soul.

Have you ever wondered why the majority of food courts or restaurants have colors like bright orange or yellow in their interior while the interior in the hospitals is mostly white? This is because each color has a different impact on your physiology and your psychology.

On this festival of colors here are a few interesting facts about how colors impact your mind and body that you should know about :


The color of love, passion, affection on one hand and on the other it also symbolizes danger, anger, and frustration. The color red is something we can all associate too. Personally, I feel it is one of the most beautiful colors on the surface of the earth. But did you know that The color red has certain physiological and psychological impacts too? Red stimulates the adrenal gland and neurons, it stimulates heartbeat and breathing, raises blood pressure and fills you with more energy. It also increases feelings of love and excitement. But too much exposure to red can also cause stress. It may result in provoking anger and frustration.


The most natural color that we see every day no matter where we are till we are under the open sky. A variety of shades of blue represent various feelings and has a different effect on us. The color is often associated with the emotion of sadness. The lighter shades of blue have a very soothing effect on the mind. Though generally associated with being calm and serene, some shades of blue may also feel cold and distant. The color blue is also associated with loyalty and productivity. It is one of the most used colors in professional settings. But on the other hand, too much exposure to certain shades of blue can cause depression. Blue also suppresses your appetite and slows down your metabolism.


One of the brightest colors in nature is yellow. The sight of which cans instigate an immediate surge in our happiness. It is a color that symbolizes happiness, optimism, and youth. Well, that is not my personal liking of yellow. It is definitely not my favorite color. But it is what the scientists have to say. Yellow increases happiness. It helps in increasing serotonin causes, which is one of the happy hormones, causing a happy mood. it also speeds up metabolism and increases your appetite. But too much exposure to yellow can cause fatigue and also frustration.

Symbolizing fantasy, creativity, spirituality, royalty, and ambition the color purple also represents the color of the crown chakra representing it to be a connection to the higher world. The color purple is also associated with mystery since it wasn't a natural dye available. In the old day, the purple dye could be made only with great efforts and could only be afforded by the royal and the rich. The making of the color remained mysterious for long and hence it is still associated with the element of mystery. The serenity of the color purple can be estimated with its association with the crown chakra and by the imagination of lavender fields alone.


Green is an immediate connection to nature. As soon as we think of green we think of trees, forests, and green grounds. Green is the color of nature, tranquility, and safety. Green has long been a symbol of fertility due to its strong association with nature. Green is associated with healing, success, and hope. Green alleviates stress and improves vision too. green is also often associated with the emotion of jealousy and disgust.


Orange is a very strong and energetic color. It is often associated with energy, fun, and warmth. It is an attention-seeking color, like red and yellow, often associated with happiness and enthusiasm. We find orange in most food courts because orange has the ability to increase our metabolism and appetite. Orange increases oxygen supply to the blood and stimulates mental activity. orange color is also said to offer emotional strength at times of difficulty as it is uplifting, optimistic and rejuvenating our spirit.


Holi is most associated with the color pink. The most beautiful 'Gulal'. Pink is a positive color inspiring warm, affectionate and comfortable feelings. We know that the color pink is often associated with the term 'girly' but why is it so? Pink is the color of romance, compassion, kindness, softness, nurturing, and calmness. Pink reduces anger and frustration. It increases positive and calm energy in an individual. Pink is often associated with the feeling of ' being home'. Being in a pink room or wearing pink can reduce aggression and create feelings of calmness, compassion, and affection. Pink also increases creativity and intuition in a person.


Black absorbs all light in the color spectrum and is the deepest color in existence. Black is the most controversial color when it comes to the effect it has on various individuals. Black represents bold, strength and power for one set of individuals while for another set of individuals it is dull, evil and depressing. But all agree on one point that, Black is mysterious. It is associated with death and evil in many cultures. Black gives insight and depth. It also brings clarity. It is often used in the fashion industry due to its slimming look.


White represents purity, cleanliness, goodness, calmness, and innocence. Though wearing white and being in the presence of white color may seem to calm for some time, too much exposure to white may give vibes of stone and cold atmosphere. White is a water element. It becomes the color you mix it with. It points towards the fluidity of getting mixed up easily. Politicians tend to wear white to create a clean image. White aids mental clarity and enables a fresh beginning. It is also a color of peace.
Wishing You All A Very Happy Holi. May Your Life Be Full Of Colors.



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