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In the world of unlimited distractions, your way it is really tough to focus on the work at hand and due to lack of focus one cannot give their 100% to the task. As a result increasing the possibility of mistakes, consumption of time and stressors for the mind. To avoid this situation and to be able to stay focused all day here are the 15 tried ways to improve your concentration power.

1. Avoid Multitasking: One of the major issued that we face in today's world is a distraction. We try to work and simultaneously talk, and check email and eat a snack. We try to do it all. We believe we are saving time when in reality we are wasting it. Multi-tasking may be seen as good but every task that you include never gets 100 % of your attention and thus is not completed or not up to the mark. Try doing one thing at a time so that you can focus all your attention on it and do it more efficiently.

2. Meditate: I cannot emphasize much on how important it is to tap into the calmness of your mind. With all the thousand thoughts running in your mind it is really important to give it a rest once in a while and let it recharge itself for further jobs. So sit back and meditate at least for 10 minutes every day. This will help you with your concentration power.

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3. Exercise Regularly: To make your mind work you also need to make your body move. A healthy body hosts a healthy mind. It has been shown in many pieces of research that when you make your body active it also activated your brain. Scientists think that regular exercise can help stimulate the release of chemicals in the brain that rewires memory circuits, improving function and enhancing focus capabilities.

4. Make a To-Do List: To-Do list helps you to prioritize your work. By writing things down you remember them better and marking the completed tasks also gives you a sense of accomplishment and energy to complete the rest. In general, we remember what we have not done yet more in comparison to what we have done. Having a to-do list helps you have a clear idea.

5. Keep Work At Work: Thinking about it 24*7 isn't going to help you do it better. Apart from just giving your brain a break, some research suggests that having downtime away from a problem could help you solve it.

6. Try some Caffeine: Studies suggest that caffeine may in moderate doses, helps to boost focus- particularly in those of us who are fatigued. But do not overdo it. Caffeine also has some side effects. Avoid caffeine entirely after sunset that may hamper your sleep.

7. Establish a Focus Spot: The place you are working in leaves a major impact on your work. Choose a focus spot and work there. If you have to work from home make a home-office for yourself. The place you sit down and work in should have the vibe of work and should be away from the other distractions.

8. Take Breaks: Taking brief breaks from work will help you stay focused on your work more. So having little refreshments and indulging in recreational activities may help you focus better when you actually are working. There is no use sitting on the chair for hours if there is no substantial development. It is better to take a little break and come back to work a little refreshed and with an open mind.

9. Train Your Brain: For the people who get distracted easily, this is a really important task. Anchor certain things that would remind your brain of working rather than wandering off. Keep a workplace, use a particular scent as your working room scent, use a particular pen or music if you like. Anchor the thoughts of your brain for times when you work so that when you want to get into the work after a break that scent or space would allow your brain to adapt quickly and keep your brain on track.

10. Find A Quiet Place: Ambient noise can stimulate the release of the stress hormone - cortisol, which can impair brain function and hinder focus. Finding a place which is quiet and not noisy would help you focus better on your work.

11. Follow 20-20-20 Rule: Sitting in front of your screen for hours will tire your eyes thus making you lose focus on your work. So look away from your screens for 20 seconds towards an object at least 20 feet far after every 20 minutes. It is best if you have a window and you can look outside it towards some trees. Green pastures help you relax better.

12. Get a Good Night's Sleep: Sleep can be the major factor in your ability to stay focused throughout the day. if you haven't had a sound sleep the brain would not function at an optimum level and would not allow you to concentrate fully on the job as hand. 

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13. Work Offline: Every time you go check your Facebook or Instagram, a bit of your attention remains there. So, minimize the distractions by working offline.

14. Set Up a Routine: Set timeslots for specific tasks. Performing a particular job in a particular timeslot prepares your brain for it beforehand and helps you focus on it better. Also, it distracts you less for the other things at hand because your brain knows that another slot is allocated for that task.

15. Embrace Boredom: It is also important to sometimes just do nothing. We keep our brain occupied into so much stuff that when we don't have anything to do it confuses us and rather than relaxing the brain it stresses it further. So embrace boredom and give your brain a break sending a message that sometimes not doing anything is also important for it.

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