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Imagine a chip being invented that could give you dozes of different hormones.

Dan Brown has always been one of my favorite authors. The first book that I read by him was The Da Vinci Code and it was such a mind boggling write up that I couldn't stop myself from reading all his books.

The Origin was a book that I had been waiting to read since the day it was announced . I bought the hard cover edition and started reading . But could not finish . The book was left half finished . This week finally I got a chance to read it and I must say that since then I am stunned . The answer to where we come from is understandable . We already understand a lot of these concepts and we know that all religions have been making up different stories to make us understand the one higher power that we still cannot understand . 

The point of discussion lies on where we are going . We know we have evolved into humans and currently we are the ones to dominate the earth but if evolution is an ongoing process we definitely are going somewhere . So what are we going to evolve into next? 

Dan Brown Introduces here Technium . I do not know how long these theories have been circulating in the market but I do get the effort given into explaining it to the general public. Yes humans will evolve and will not remain as we know of them today and yes evolution is an ongoing process. The things we are talking about will not occur someday magically in future rather the changes have actually started taking place . 

Look all around you . You are surrounded by technology everywhere . As you are reading this article you hold in your hand a piece of technology that you are using everyday . Technology is so developed that you press 3 buttons on your phone and your food is on the way to reach you . You want to share something with the world and you just need to type and publish .Not even the most powerful kings a few decades ago had any such power .

We are becoming a blend of biology and technology and once we develop technology that we no longer hold the tech pieces outside our bodies and can incorporate it in our bodies, we no longer will be what we are today . We would have evolved into a totally new species . Technology would be able to control our emotions and thus thoughts .

Already we know that technology is controlling our emotions and thoughts and our biology on a superficial level . There have been various studies on how social media is responsible for increasing depression and anxiety and other mental health related issues , How using technology has started hampering our memory power our thinking patterns , Air conditions and refrigerators changing out immunity systems and the list goes on. But what when the technologies would start being incorporated in our bodies itself .

Imagine a chip being invented that could give you dozes of different hormones so that if you are feeling sad and you feel like changing your mood you will just have to give a command and their would be a flush of dopamine or serotonin or oxytocin or endorphins as and what required hormonal changes in you will be made.

Will you be able to call yourself human then ?? Their are a lot such points that we need to think about.Today as the technology advances we are surprised and the new tech world looks so fascinating but isn't it something that we need to think about a thousand times more. Where are we going ?? Do we actually want to go there ?? Will there ever exist a step back ? 

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