Mental Health In Lockdown: How To Keep Up With It

With the second wave of COVID-19, another lockdown has been imposed on us. In some places by the government while in others it is self-imposed. But that is what the need of the hour is. No matter how much we want to go out the right path probably is just to stay in and stay safe. Even if the lockdown is self-imposed it does not mean that it will not impact your mental health. Staying in isolation for long periods of time can create a lot of stress, depression, and anxiety. It may make you feel lonely and unwanted. With everything negative that you probably are hearing from everywhere, the anxiety levels might also be rising. You are tensed about your physical health, emotional support, and also financial stability.

We all have started focusing on building the immunity and we have started understanding the value of our physical health. There have been turnarounds in diet, workout routines( From no workout to some workout), adding pranayama and deep breathing to our routines and this is all very good.

Maintaining your physical health and building up your immunity is extremely important but we cannot ignore the impact of mental health too. So here are a few tips to help you strengthen your mental health and bring down your anxiety levels.

1.     Maintain a positivity journal: In times when things are going haywire and all you hear from your surroundings is negative news, count your blessings. Write in your journal everything good that happened. It might contain something positive that happened on a personal level or maybe a story of something positive happening in society.

2.     Accept: Don’t fight back what you can’t. We cannot miraculously change the situation so we need to accept it.  Deal with what has come forth in the most efficient manner you can and that is all you need to do.

3.     Reach out to people: Even when connecting physical is not possible at this point in time, thanks to the advanced technology we can still clearly see each other and talk to each other. If you are feeling lonely and are not being able to stay alone, start connecting with your loved ones and old friends. Talk to them. This one pandemic and the struggles it brings is connecting each individual.

4.     Take up a hobby: A distraction sometimes is the best remedy. Take up a hobby, something that you love doing, something that can give you a sense of accomplishment even when you feel that nothing good is happening or that the world has stopped moving. When you paint a picture or play a song you would definitely have that sense of accomplishment of creating something new.

5.      Meditate: Give some time to yourself where you can just be at peace. Practice meditation to relax your mind. There is no particular pattern you need to follow. There are various kinds of meditation available(guided, transcendental, vipassana, etc. ). Find what suits you best and follow it to relax your mind. body and spirit.

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