When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. But What If You Don't Like The Lemonade ?

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The phrase simply means - if you face an adverse situation, don't be disappointed and don't give up. Just make the most of it. The phrase inspires optimism. Lemon suggests the sourness, the bitterness, the difficulties in life whereas lemonade points towards something which is desirable or positive. Mix the sourness of lemon with some sweetness of sugar so that something good comes out of it too.

But what about a situation where you have lemons but no sugar to make lemonade. You are rarely getting the water too. What will you do in such a situation? Is it possible to still follow optimism? Is it possible to stay positive even then? 

So when life gives you lemon ask for sugar and water too or else you are just going to have acidic lemon juice. 

What I mean to say is there are certain things that come our way. We have no control over them. They are supposed to create obstacles and divert us from our paths. But there are certain things that we create for ourselves. Our reaction to the lemons can either be disgust and disappointment or acceptance and apathy. The reaction would guide our steps forward. We can either sulk that we don't like the lemons or we can get up and work towards finding the sugar and water to make lemonade.

But what if you don't like the lemonade? Not everyone in life is good at dealing with lemons. But there are a few who aren't even interested in lemonades. Just the sugar and water are not going to do the trick for them. Rather than adding sugar and water to the same lemon, they have to prepare a meal so full that the significance of the lemon in it almost disappears.

No life will not stop giving you lemons. What you want to do with the lemon is still upon you. If lemonade is not good enough for you then you have to prepare something that would remove the sourness from your life.

In life when you are faced with adverse situations sometimes you have to change paths, sometimes you have to change patterns. If you keep repeating what you did and keep moving on the same path the taste of lemons would grow stronger and you will be left with nothing but the lemons. So when the situations are so difficult that dealing with them is going to cause further harm, just let them be. Focus your energy on something different and make another dish from scratch.

Benefits of finding a new avenue to move forward:

  1. The monotony in life is broken.
  2. You get opportunities to learn new things
  3. You can expand your horizon
  4. You can avoid the difficulties till the time you are ready to deal with them.
  5. You become more creative in finding a way out of an adverse situation.
  6. You build another pillar in the architecture for your success.
  7. You can view the situation from an objective point of view.
  8. You may find better tools to control your situation.

So if you are in an adverse situation try something new, something that you have not tried yet. Don't keep your focus on the lemons. Just keep them aside and find something else to do. 

Just for fun here are a few ' when life gives you lemons' quotes that I found on the internet and these are worth sharing:


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