5 Major Mental Health Issues That The World Is Facing Today | Divya Toshniwal |

We are in midst of a mental health crisis and this is no joke.Today we live in the best of times . We have everything on tips of our finger and still we are facing the worst times of human history . We are facing the side effects of being an advanced species.

  • A child, 11 years old , suffering from depression .
  • Majority of youth is addicted to some kind of substance .
  • Every third person is suffering from depression.
  • Usage of anti-depressants have increased by 65% in the past 10 years.
  • Every 40 seconds a person commits suicide.
  • Around 300 million people suffer from anxiety disorders
  • The rates of eating disorders and cosmetic surgeries have been constantly increasing.

The five major mental health issues that have come up in front of us today are :

  1. Depression 
  2. Stress Disorders
  3. Anxiety Disorders
  4. Negative body image and Eating Disorders
  5. Addiction 
But what accounts to the reason behind this? There is a growing belief that lack of education is the biggest reason for suicide. By education we do not mean the history , geography , math and science education, here , we are talking about emotional education and psychological education. 

We wait for a trouble to arise and then we avoid it till the time we can . We have become a little proactive when it comes to our physical health and that is good but what about our mental health? Why can't we accept that stress is taking a toll on us and take a break from the stressors. We have no trouble saying we are down with fever and take a sick leave but why can't we take that sick leave for our mental well being ?

It is now high time to reach to the root of the issues that we are facing today . Its high time to get proactive for your mental health . Before an issue arises start taking care of self . There is no shame in taking opinion from a counselor just like there is no shame in taking opinion from a physician. 

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  1. Your analysis is quite right. There won't be single soul these days who doesn't have atleast one of these.

  2. I am feeling exhausted these days, because of which I have turned off doing things I usually like to do. I am unaware of reason for the same. Can you suggest me what to do?

  3. Thanks for this information more than what causes of chest pain, for example, - muscle torment, bone agony, heartburn, angina, coronary episode and so forth. A portion of these issues are minor and some are not kidding.


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