Raavan - By Amish Tripathi

When I started reading the Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi,I never thought that Amish could be so engaging . I had never heard his name before and knowing its something related to mythology was the only thing that made me buy this book. No doubt I could not stop without reading the whole series.

By the time I had picked up Meluha , the Scion of Ikshvaku (now popularly known as Ram ) had already released and Sita was about to be released . I started reading Ram but that couldn't engage me neither could Sita , but I was eagerly waiting for Raavan- Enemy of Aryavarta because there were a lot of explanations to be done here.

"Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai " and this book is mind blowing , No its MIND BLASTING.

I could never imagine that the story of Raavan Could be told in such a way . I do not want to go into whats true and what not. I would request the readers to please not get into the mythology and find whats not true. Just read it as a fiction and accept it as you would accept it with any other name.

The character of Raavan has been explained so well and better explained is why he was the way he was. How he became richer than Kuber? . Why Kumbhakaran slept most of the time? Why Raavan's navel was his weak point ? Why he did not like Vibhishan ? and the biggest twist - Why Raavan never hurt Sita?

This story will keep you stuck to itself till you reach the end wanting for more. But the book ends and you want to immediately pick up the next book realizing its not going to be available at least for a year.

Never expecting Raavan's story to be a love story , I realised that it was a better love story than Ram and Sita. The story of Raavan and his love was a true love story, with no expectations just pure love and respect. Do not miss reading this book even if you haven't read Ram and Sita.

Amish is really one of the best storytellers we have . Waiting for the next book in the series.

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  1. After reading your review on this story of Raavan, it seems very interesting, I am looking forward to read it.

    1. please go ahead . It will make you think about a lot of things that you never thought of.


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