Sushma Swaraj - Just do your job properly and you can do enough for the country

India lost a great leader on 6th August 2019. Sushma Swaraj , served as the minister of external affairs in the first tenure of Modi government.

A masters in sanskrit and political science , she directed us towards the importance of our languange . This speech should be once heard by everyone . 

She showed how efficiently and effectively a job can be done and that you just need to do your job properly to serve the country . And when she felt that she cannot live upto the job anymore due to health reasons ,she did not hold her position for the sake of power . She stepped down and let the successors take over .

There have been so many Indians in various countries who have called for help just once on the twitter handle of Sushma Swaraj and they have received immediate help . One of my acquaintance - Devika Mehta was once stuck in L.A. when her bag was stolen with her passport in it. She shared her story of distress and how she was helped by the ministry in such critical times.

She is one of the many people who have been catered to their needs when they were out of the country.  So many stranded people have been brought back in the country , so many diplomatic meetings have been concluded in favor , so much work have been done in just one tenure that was due for decades.  

All she did was to do her job and she showed us that you don't have to do something extra ordinary to be considered as extra ordinary , YOU JUST NEED TO DO YOUR JOB.

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