I Cannot Watch The Kashmir Files |

The entire nation is talking about The Kashmir Files and this is one issue that I believe has united us Hindus to realize how important it is to know our history. Many have said it to be a propaganda film, many have said it to have political support, many say it spreads hate and the film has not got its rightful place in the Bollywood industry. 

I thought of watching this film that depicts the reality of what exactly happened in 1990. Before this movie. I only had heard sometime in the part that a lot of Kashmiri pandit migrated from the Kashmir valley. I did not even know when that had happened because I did not even bother to give it that much importance. You see I had no idea about what had actually happened. 

I saw so many people reviewing The Kashmir Files and so many people crying. I thought of watching it too and decided to watch the trailer. When I saw the trailer and listened to a few reviews I felt as if something broke inside me. I read more about what had happened because I did not have the courage to watch this movie. On every story that I read and every denial I heard I felt something burning in my soul. I felt rage and I felt guilty. 

I researched it for one day and felt myself losing control. Salute to Vivek Agnihotri Ji who researched on this for 4 years and still could hold his heart in strength. Salute to the entire cast who worked on this movie but most importantly, I salute to the people who lived through this tragedy and still are going through the pain it brought in your lives. I salute all those Kashmiri Hindus and also apologize for not knowing your pain. 

I still do not have the courage to watch this movie but someday I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and find the courage to see this truth and instead of breaking down become the strength to set things right.

Today, however, I think I have realized a few things that I would like to share with the world. 

1. Although we are filled with diversity, if we stand together, we Indians have all the power in the world. This movie was not promoted in the traditional Bollywood ways. It is the people's voice that converted into such a huge crowd. If we decide and stand strong, we can change anything and everything in this country.

2. Kashmir was, is, and will always be an integral part of India. The Dal Lake or as mentioned in the Nilmata Purana - The Satisar lake has been a part of ancient India. It has a historical significance and a mesmerizing story attached to it. Check this out . Although it says mythological but that is because we Indians have always been in a doubtful state in regard to our history.

3. We need to minimize the influence of the western media and the current fake professors influenced by western media and start listening to stories that our grandparents tell us. Some who are not so lucky to listen to your grandparents ask your parents what stories they heard as a child. Trust me, you will start learning a lot more than you had initially expected.

4. Read Indian authors and read the ancient text of India. You may struggle to find the right translations and publishes but search for them. I do not say that the western authors are not good. Trust me, I have read many and they are wonderful but other than knowing what the world says, you should also be in touch with what your ancestors said. 

5. Search for the truth and be proud of who you are.



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