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The tendency to talk big about ourselves is something that is common in most of us. We always want to speak about ourselves. How we are better than others, why we are right while others are wrong, what makes us better people, how capable we are is something that we keep talking about in various moments in our life. The question is - Is it really necessary? 

So today I decided to talk about the power of silence and how you can harness the power of being silent.

Silence is a source of great strength - Lao Tzu

Silence is one of the greatest arts of conversation. To learn when to speak and when to embrace silence is a technique that takes years to master, and sometimes your entire life.  Think about a situation where there is a conversation going on about opinions. Your opinion may not match with people around you and that may budge you to say something against the people conversing there. But wait and ask yourself - Is it necessary? 

Think about a situation where people are questioning your decisions, a situation where they are stating that you cannot succeed with these tools in life. Even though you know that you are right, even when you are confident about what you are doing and even when you have all the answers to reply to them back with, what is the need for it? 

Sometimes silence is the best answer.

The biggest power of being silent is the mystery that it creates. When you talk, people can estimate the depth of your character and the reach of your capabilities with the help of words that come out of your mouth. With silence, no one can ever understand your depth and you always stay a mystery to them. You would have the power of silence as silence is the answer that doesn't need any explanation. 

Do not waste your energy in speaking out meaningless words, instead save the energy by embracing the meaningful silence. 

5 Effective Ways To Harness The Power Of Silence:

1. Take a Vow of Silence for 30 minutes each day.

In these 30 minutes do not touch your phones, do not watch TV, don't switch on your laptops or tabs. Get in touch with yourself. This 30 minutes each day will help you understand both your body and your thoughts. in those 30 minutes just observe how your body is feeling and what your thoughts are all about. Identify the pattern of your thoughts, are they constructive, do you think more about past or future, are you just having wishful thoughts or are you being logically positive, do your thoughts contain more negative elements than positive, is your body feeling healthy, do you feel any aches or pains and so on. It is important to listen to both your body and your mind. Use the time to actually soothe your soul and relax.

2. Eat in silence. 

Eating in silence is a great tool that you can use in order to get closer to your body and to reduce your weight too. Are you always concerned about losing those extra few kilos? the best and easiest way is to listen to what your body want. I repeat, what your body wants and not what your heart wants. There are days in my life when I don't feel like eating anything cooked, not even Ghar ka dal chawal ( which is my favorite), all my body says is eat something fresh. I listen to my body and I eat fruits that I love. If you pay attention your body will let you know what it needs.

3. Listen twice; speak once.

God has given us 2 ears and one mouth  The message is very clear, you need to listen more and speak less. Listen to what people say and that would help you gather more information. In a personal conversation, you would have an insight into the person while in a professional or intellectual conversation you would have more information on the topic.

4. Repeat when you speak.

No, I did not mean to repeat what you speak. I in fact mean repeat when you speak. That simply means, frame a reply, speak it in your mind, and then when you speak it out it will be a repetition of what you just spoke in your mind. it will give your mind to rectify anything that you do not need to say. 

5. Be silent when you are angry.

Not only being silent would stop you from saying things you probably did not want to say and save your relations, but it will also stop your word from refuelling your anger.

Thus the benefits of being silent are many. Other than creating a mystery around your personality it gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself. The people who stay silent get more chances to speak to themselves. They get better opportunities to ruminate over their ideas and implement them effectively.  Alone time fosters creativity too. And above all when silent people do speak, it is granted that they have weighed their words carefully and people listen to them more attentively.


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