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A large majority of people have just one thought running in their mind all day long-" How to be successful?". Though the definition of success differs for everyone, not being able to reach that success makes all of us equally miserable. Some handle this misery better than others but that doesn't make it easier within.

The reasons for success can be varied and every effort in the direction of your goals is customized. So today instead of talking about what to do to be successful in life, let us talk about what not to do to be successful in life.

Here listed are 10 Causes Of Failure that you should know about:

1. Lack of Well-Defined Purpose: 

Whatever steps you take if they are not in sync with your purpose in life, the chances of failure increase to 90 %. You first need to make sure that whatever steps you are taking are moving you towards your life goals. So not having a clear well-defined purpose is the first step to failure.

2. Lack of Education: 

No, I am not talking about a college degree here. You can have a Ph.D. and still not be successful in life. It is not about how much knowledge you have it's about what you do with it. It's about whether you are educated enough about how to use your knowledge. If you just have the academic knowledge and do not understand the application you would not be able to move ahead. So, understand and keep educating yourself.

3. Having a Negative Personality: 

If you have a very pessimistic nature and you have a lack of hope, you surround yourself with energy that is extremely low in power. As you do not feel the power within it is obvious that you would not be able to take progressive steps towards your goal causing you to delay your success or fail in your endeavor. Even being around negative people can suck your energy which can be a cause for your failure. (Read About Energy Vampires Here )

4. Having Bad Physical Health: 

No matter how enthusiastic or motivated you are, no matter how great your ideas are and no matter how very the external element has turned out in your favor if you are not healthy none of it would matter. If your physical body is ill, if you are not feeling well, you are bound to move six steps back. It would be tough to crack a deal while having a splitting headache, or run a company when you are always running to a doctor for some ailment or other. No one can enjoy great success with ill-health.

5. Lack of Persistence: 

Most of us are extremely enthusiastic when we start something new but what is tough is to keep going, every day, religiously. Failure cannot keep up with patience and determination. Most people lack this tenacity especially when they face a setback and that is what causes them to fail.  Being tenacious is what will bring success your way.

6. Wrong Selection of People: 

The people you choose to live with and the people you choose to work with play a major role in your life and they can impact your success or failure in more than ways you can ever imagine. A wrong choice of colleagues, friends, life partners, or anyone can pull you down to great extent and become a cause of your failure. For example, an addicted friend or a colleague who is always overspending or a life partner that has contradictory goals from yours.

7. Over-Caution: 

Being overly cautious about every decision you make can also cause you to fail. There are no such things as a full-proof plan and there are always uncertain elements that can change the course of your decisions. But life is all about embracing and working with the changes. being over-cautious leads you to miss opportunities. Life is all about risks and it may not always turn out to be the way you want, but if you do not move out of your comfort zone your growth will be hampered.

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8. Lack of Enthusiasm: 

When I talk about lack of enthusiasm I talk about 2 things- one, the desire to be successful and the other the inner motivation to keep going. When you are stuck anywhere in your journey it is your inner motivation that will keep you going. They say when you want to stop you should think about why you started and that will fill you with enthusiasm to see it through.

9. Procrastination:

One of the biggest reasons for failures, even for the most efficient and intelligent people today is procrastination. Not taking action and postponing them for tomorrow would undoubtedly lead you no were. Time is a gift. Learn to use it well. We all have 24 hours in a day and the universe is not partial in this way. Thus use these 24 hours wisely. Do the right things at the right time. 

10. Distractions: 

This is something that has escalated in the past decade. We now have so many distractions that the focus for our goals has been devastatingly affected. These distractions according to research have been the most prominent reasons to not being able to achieve goals and also the disappointments resulting have escalating effects due to the exposure to a fake perfect world that we hold. This is not only wasting our time but also making us look down upon ourselves and shaking our belief that we can be successful, also somewhere changing the meaning of success in our lives.

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