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The entire northern hemisphere is suffering from terrible heat conditions. Places like Canada which is known to be a cooler country are facing temperatures of more than 49 degrees. Parts of Iran, Iraq, and middle east Asia are facing temperatures of more than 50 degrees. Countries are proposing to reduce working hours as it is not possible for people to work anymore. People have died solely due to extreme heat conditions. Forest fires have burnt an entire village. Climate change is real and we are at the center of it. I wish I could say things would get better but it is important for us to understand the reality now. 

Even if all the proposed changes are applied, the earth will take quite a number of years to heal, which may or may not happen in our lifetimes. Heatwaves and extreme weather conditions are going to be a part of our life. Summers will get hotter, monsoons will have more storms and floods in some places while droughts in others, and the winters are going to be colder than previous years.

Although we know it's due to vehicle pollution, industry pollution and ACs, and the burning of fossil fuels, we cannot change these overnight. Not everyone on earth can turn to renewable energies. We do not have that kind of resources to suffice for the entire population of the earth. So let us accept the fact that these weather events are a part of our lives now.

Now, if this is a part of our lives we need to learn to live with them. We need to prepare to handle them and lead our lives. Yes, our hardship will increase but we need to learn to live with whatever is coming our way. Heatwaves are disrupting our lives because we haven't prepared our bodies to take extremities. Here are certain things that you can do to save yourself from the heat waves.

1. Stop wearing tight-fitted clothes

In order to always look perfect, we have made fashion a top priority on our list. Our clothes are always perfect fitting and made of materials that make us look good. These trap our body heat and moisture not allowing the body to breathe or cool down. It is extremely important to take care of what you wear in such heat waves. Stop bothering about how you look and give your body the freedom to move. Wear pure cotton clothes. Cotton is an all-weather textile and probably that is the reason our ancestors have always worn cotton clothes( until industrialization and globalization spoiled our taste).

P.S. Cotton is a natural fiber and hence more environmentally friendly. 

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated.

This is just common sense, if it is hot you need to keep yourself hydrated. In rising temperatures, your body would sweat to make itself cooler and the water would thus evaporate from it making dehydration a big risk. Hence you need to consume lots of water and other liquid diets like fresh fruit juices(not packaged drinks), sweet lemon juice, coconut water, and buttermilk. Buttermilk is specifically very good in keeping your body cooler. It has always been a part of our diet in summers and recommended in the Vedas too.

3.Monitor what you eat.

Having oily, spicy, and fried food results in an increase in body temperature. Also, nonvegetarian food like eggs and meat can contribute highly to heat stress. So in extreme weather conditions like heat waves choose not to have non-vegetarian food. Eat more fruits, salads, and food that is prepared with less oil and spices. Eat cucumber, tomato, watermelon, musk melon, and sweet lime. These can benefit you more than you can imagine. Do not overeat and listen to your body when it wants to stop eating. The body knows what is best for it we just need to be attentive enough to understand.

4. Stop consumption of alcohol and caffeine drinks.

You might think having some Coca-cola, Pepsi, or a cold coffee would make you feel better, but trust me that is just temporary. Consuming caffeine products and alcohol can lead to fluid loss in the body and hence can cause dehydration. In such extreme heatwave conditions, this can prove to be fatal. It will reduce your body's ability to cool itself down and maintain a normal temperature.

5.Chandrabhedan Pranayam 

Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine (preferably a padmasana position). Inhale from your left nostril by closing the right one with your right thumb. Hold for as long as you can and then close your left nostril with your ring finger to exhale from your right nostril. Make sure you use only the left nostril to inhale and the right nostril to exhale. This prayanam helps in cooling down the body temperature and is recommended to be done only in summers.

6. Monitor usage of Air-Conditioners

I am not saying that don't use air conditioners as it results in further temperature rise. It is too late for that. The temperatures are such that if you do not use air conditioners you probably would not be able to focus on your work at all. All I am suggesting is to monitor the temperature at which you use the AC. Do not run the AC at 20 degrees or 18 degrees, run it above 24 degrees or above. Use the AC to maintain a bearable temperature in the room and not to make it cold. This way when you move out of the room the sudden change in temperature would not harm your body much and the heat outside would be a little bearable. Do not accustom your body to cooling through ACs only. Let it work on itself and maintain the temperature naturally.

7. Use aloe-vera

Aloe vera is a miracle plant. You can apply aloe vera gel on your skin for a cooling effect and it will also treat sunburns. Other than that having aloe vera juice would also help your body keep cool in such extreme weather conditions. Aloe vera grows in hot and dry weather and hence it retains the fluid in its leaves for survival. This gel also helps us to maintain hydration in our body and helps us cool our bodies down.

If you have any more tips to fight the heatwave please do mention them in the comments. 

How to save yourself from heat wave


  1. I wasn't aware of Chandrabhedan Pranayam and this added to my knowledge.Rest others I was knowing but the way you put up and frame your sentences really motivates me to keep reading on and on.

    1. Glad that I could help. Keep reading and spreading the words !!


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