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Time is everything and all we truly have in this world is time. Every person has 24 hours each day and how they use these 24 hours is what will actually make a difference in their life. Any person who has ever achieved anything in life would surely tell you one thing, that time management is the most essential key to his success. Successful people have this common feature. They valued time, they never wasted it and they grabbed the opportunity time had given them.

So if they have 24 hours every day and so do we, why are we not as successful as them? 

The fact is that we aren’t using our time efficiently. There are three ways that we can use our time:

Most of us think and communicate but where we lack is the third element- Action.

We think about how we are going to complete our tasks, achieve our goals, build our dream homes, and have a perfect life. We also talk to our friends and family about it, but what we do not do is take action about it. Wasting time this way is nothing but a suicide mission. One day we realize we have spent so many years of our lives doing nothing. And then is the typical wake-up call drama. We gird up and formulate the perfect plan to utilize our time and swear to god we will not waste a single moment. We make up routines, to-do schedules, set deadlines for goals, and get ready to face the laziness and procrastination monster.

This is where we make the mistake. 

In an effort to not waste any more time, we overdo things. We pack our schedule with all the piled up work that we can think of, we read several techniques of time management and apply them all at once and we work really hard for a day or two. And then the enthusiasm is all lost. Slowly we started breaking the rules we had set for ourselves and within a week we are sleeping beside the laziness and procrastination monster.
How to manage your time well

How to manage your time well?

Consider each day as a new beginning. Do not crib on how you wasted yesterday or how you are going to utilize tomorrow. Consider today the only day to live. So use the time between your waking up and getting up. Those 10 minutes when you lazily yawn and stretch can be the most effective 10 minutes of your day. In these 10 minutes decide today’s things to do. It is important that you do not make this list too long. For the first day only keep the items that are urgent and have to be done by today anyhow. Eventually, you can consider taking up more tasks.

There will be times when the items on your to-do list will not be marked done. There will be times when you suddenly receive some urgent work to be done that may take up all your time but do not be hard on yourself or blame yourself for not completing a set task. Important is that whatever you are doing, you do it wholeheartedly. When you put your entire focus on the task at hand you will do it more efficiently and in the lesser time. It is laziness, procrastination, and doing a task half-heartedly that waste most of your time. When you do what you do with enthusiasm and complete focus you can complete the work, that would otherwise take 4 hours, in just an hour.

Make slow changes in your routine and let them sink in. Your routine should be easy to follow and well balanced.

On the first day, make a to-do list, not as a rule book but as a reminder of what are the jobs you need to do. Do not panic if the list is not all checked. The next day make up a chart of all the important and unimportant tasks. The third day set priorities for every task at hand. How you lessen your distractions will depend on you. I personally find gadgets very distracting and hence I keep them away when I do tasks that need my complete attention. This reduces the time span I need for my work. 

There are various time management techniques and taking up any can help you utilize your time, but important is that you do not pressurize yourself to change your whole life in one day. That will not happen and you will in fact be stuck in the same cycle.

In life consistency works more than speed.

Time management tools

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  2. Completely agree. This is the common mistake done by everyone. If we watch any motivational video, read any motivational quotes, etc. we feel we should do the same, wanted change our life dramatically. But we forgot to understand that everything take time. And time is the essence of everything whether it's success or failure.
    I would love to read about this topic "What if your time management fails everytime and in mind you want a helping hand to help you out."


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