A letter to the Prime Minister of India

Respected Prime Minister Sir,

I would take opportunity to first congratulate you on this second tenure. The country is definitely blessed and wishes your second tenure to be more successful than the first one. 

In your first tenure you came up with a request of keeping the country clean . India had never thought that the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan would be so successful. I have seen a little girl ,who is 9 year old , correcting her grandmother on throwing something out of the moving car. I have seen a Chaiwala selling chai only on the condition that you' ll throw the cup in the dustbin. I have seen people come forward to clean the streets and beaches. The dream of having a clean India (both physically and metaphorically) is definitely on its way to be accomplished.

Today though I have some other concern -  the climate change. According to a few news reports Churu in Rajasthan is the hottest town in the world. Delhi itself is not unknown to terrific heat waves. The condition today is bad but in future it is expected to get worse . Not just for us but also for the upcoming generation , is there something that we can do about it ? 

While walking down the road at 1 in the afternoon all we search for is shade . But there aren't any trees to provide us shade . We have been cutting down trees for the constructions and other uses of wood in our lives but we haven't thoroughly understood the consequences and how it is impacting the climate change that we and our future generations would be suffering. 

I would not try to explain the importance of it as you and your team knows better than me. I would just say that the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan would not have been so successful if only the government worked for it . It became successful because the common man realized its importance and worked for it . Growing trees would also require the collective energy of the whole country . No doubt there are many non profit organisations working on this issue but those were also working to clean India some time ago. What worked for Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan was the collective enthusiasm of the whole country . I believe for saving the environment that enthusiasm is needed again . There is a strong belief in me that if you come forward to address the issue and ask the people of the country to plant even one tree each there will be a drastic change in the whole initiative. If we can gift plants to each other instead of bouquets , if we can plant a tree on diwali along with lighting a 'diya', or find some more innovative ways of bringing a tree to life we together can change the face of the country.

This letter is just a request to come forward and initiate a drive to help grow more trees so that it can be as successful as the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan.

Clean India also needs to be Green India.

A Concerned Citizen 

For anyone who agrees with me I would be really glad if you can put this as your status: 

Respected Prime Minister,
The extreme heatwaves that we are suffering would worsen for us and our future generations if we do not take steps now. Please start an initiative alongside the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan to Plant Trees . 
Clean India also Needs To Be Green India.
A Concerned Citizen

Today the Amazon is burning . 20% of the world's oxygen supplier is dying . Can we save it ?? I don't know. Can we replace it ?? I don't know . I am worried every day, I am worried every moment , For our future and for the future of our kids. I don't know if I can do anything to save the amazon but all I know is that if we try together , we can do something about the future. I agree that the economy is important but please consider what you are comparing it with . 

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