Thank You - The Most Underrated word.

I went to the market by taking a rickshaw . When I reached to the destination I paid him and said "Thank You " The man roughly in his 60s smiled at me so generously. This person had been working so hard the whole day but these two words did the magic of bringing smile to his face. Paying him is your duty for he did a job for you but saying a little thank you is your connection to the world and being grounded. 

I went into a shop and purchased my grocery , paid the shopkeeper and said "Thank You " . He gave me a strange What-Do-You-want-from-me look . The usage of thank you was so alien for him here. 

I went to a relatives place and her maid offered me a glass of water . I took the glass and said "Thank You " and turned back to continue talking . My relative looked at me in a exasperating what-are-you-doing way. I got confused but then I realized she reacted on my THANK YOU to the maid .

I picked this habit up from a friend reason being it felt nice but now I realize what this habit has done for me . Saying Thank You every time develops the emotion of gratitude in me. Gratitude is one of the most strongest positive emotions .

Thank You is nothing but the energy of gratitude that you pass on to the universe.Sending the frequency of gratefulness to the universe brings you the life to be grateful for. -Divya

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